Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hey so how are you guys. Well everything here is going well, i am just sitting here killing some time before we go to the mission home for a water fight so that should be fun. But ya things are good. So this week i recieved my flight plans so i guess ill be coming home on the 21st  at 8 pm or something like that so im glad we finally got that taken care of. This week was pretty good we had the Ap's over for the weekend and we partied and had some fun, and we actually did get some work done :) . other than that church was good and i love all the members here they are soooo cool and they already feel like family so thats pretty sick, and this week we are starting to take the young men out with us contacting and working a little bit so they can get the feel of missionary work so i hope they enjoy it so wish me luck . Other than than litterally nothing has been happening, we have been having a blast in Novercherkassk and im glad im here. So anyways i wish i had some more to fill you in on but not going to lie i have nothing to report so ya. love you all. and ill send pics later.

Elder Big D Wright

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well here are some pics form the past week. old elders quorrum in selmash best friends here in russia. and irina and her son that i baptised :)
3.this is me in severny for the last time.
4.this is what the streets look like here house. its a shack :) but its better than it looks but its till pretty funny hahha :
6.a cool building in the city center. its a museum i think
7.the huge russian orthodox temple\ in novercherkassk. Its one of the biggest in the world. its HUUUUGE
8. my new comp and i elde golotsvan eating watermellon

9. i found another huge patch of weed :) haha
Elder Big D Wright

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lots of Changes

Well i was sitting here thinking of a good opening line to tell all of you but then i couldn't think of one so i guess im a failure. So sorry.

Anyways this week sucked. For one my dog died and secondly we had a total of 2 lessons this week. KILLER. And 3rd president Nechiporov is gone! so ya holy smokes. I shook his  hand for the last time on thursday evening, that was awkward and kinda sad. But im glad for him cause he hasnt been home in 3 years. Wow being mission pres would suck. Anyways now Pres Prows is here and ill probably meet him here in the next couple of hours. :) he got here friday night and i guess all his luggage is missing hahaha. nice first experience of russia eh? but they will find it pretty soon. And from what i heard Presidents wife our new mission mom is pretty sketched out on being here in Russia :) Funny. Not going to lie there is nothing to be scared of here, everything is just different thats it. Well shoot what else do i have to tell you? uhhhhhh pretty much nothing. Transfers is next week and we find out whats happening on friday transfers are flying by and this next one is my last! AHHHHHH YEAHHHH. Im sure glad i came on my mission but im sure glad its coming to an end. So if anyone is shocked about that statement well...... oh well.
Angellica is doing good, we have been on the phone with her alot lately. her best friends little toddler whent missing on saturday afternoon and she called us to have us fast and pray so that everyone could find him. and after church about 4 pm they found him and angellica called crying so happy that they found him. Think about it a toddler on the street for 2 nights all alone. how sad right? ya but they found him so that was the cool experience of the week and that shows fasting and praying works. SO TRY IT FOOLS! Anyways nothing else happened this week. but our air conditioner is awesome.:) haha Ill send some pics to you here in a bit. sure do love you all.
Elder Wright.-- Elder Big D WrightWell here are some pics for all of you.
- me with pres and sis nechiporova
- me in selmash
- a cool park and fountain :)
- my elders quorrum this sunday
- everyone that came to the going away party
- pres and his fam
- me and my favorite sister missionary sister nikonova. she was released and moved back to rostov from sibirea. i wonder why? haha.

well i hope you enjoyed the pics

love you