Monday, January 30, 2012

I think I'm finally in RUSSIA!

Well as my subject says i think im finally in russia. Cause it finally got cold!!!!!! Not way too cold but cold for this part of Russia. so ya im typing rightnow and my fingers want to fall off.!! its cold in here.

No but this week was good, we have been finding some people and we found a cool lady on the street this week with lots of potential. Enough potential it almost scares me to teach her. so ill be getting some members on the lesson with this lady. We were on the street just sign boarding. (pretty much means we have boards about the BOM and stuff explainging what it is) So we sit on the sidewalk and use those trying to get some attention. So this lady just walked up to us and started talking to us explaining that she would like to strengthen her faith and all that good stuff. :) so ya. she is cool and we are trying to set up an appointment soon. Not going to lie time has been flying by here. its crazy how that happens. oh p.s. guess what we had the senior couple come from Krasnodar tocheck up on the branch and they brought me mail. I got all the family letters from the kids and i also recieved the christmas letters from mom and dads christmas party and Grandma Bells christmas card too. what a sweet heart. i miss grandma bell. someone go give her a big hug and kiss from me. isnt she the bomb.?!@ :) oh and i got loaded from Aunt Kristy. she sent me a candy package :) so as of now she is winning the who loves dallin more contest. haha. looks like the rest of you are going to have to steop up your game. :) jk SO THANK YOU:) you guys are the bomb. And im sure lucky to have all of you guys. No one could ask for a better family. you guys rock. Everyone go watch rachel playball for me. i wish i could go. but obviously im a couple thousand miles away. :) hahah funny how that works. anyways nothing really happend this week. just the same old stuff. nothing too ground breaking. except i lost my sd card converter so i cant send you pics until i get a new one :S dumb huh. so anyways i best be going. ilove you all. peace :)

love me. Elder Big D

Elder Big D Wright

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey What's up

Well what up fam and friends. Well its good to finally get to write to you guys. I was just about to write you guys and then we got a call from the B Pres and he asked us to go baby sit the branch building for a while while a tech guy worked on the computer. So bummer. Anyways life here is good this week, we had some crazy things happen though. Well first off right after i finished writing you guys last week we had some extra time before work hours and so we decided to go check out the electronics at a store near by. So we whent and found a x box 360 all set up with the x box connect thinga mabob. and so me and my comp started playing the connect adventures and messing around. It was way fun haha. and while we were playing i didnt notice right away but we started getting a crowd watching us. It was weird:S but oh well right. So we were there looking like freaks dancing in the  middle of the store and we had like 15 to 20 people watching us kick trash. and then the game ended and the people left. So we started another game and while we were there looking like dummies a guy started to talk to me, and he was just talking about the game then he noticed my accent and he asked me where i was from. So i gave him the lo down on what i was doing, told him i was a missionary for the church and all that good stuff. Then he got interested so i stoped playing the game. And we talked for about 20 minutes right there around the tv section haha. i gave him a Book of Mormon. we got his number and he asked us to call him sometime this week. ha! How cool is that. Im soooo good i can get investigators while playing x box. SEE MOM I TOLD YOU PLAYING X BOX WASNT A WASTE OF TIME.  haha. so that was awesome and we are trying to get him to come to family night this tuesday. We only do it on tuesday cause everyone is working  and stuff. But it works out for us so we will keep it like that. :) Anyways so that was cool.

Well and it finally snowed down here for the first time. :) it was pretty sick.! It was like a white out for like 3 hours. And we even got a couple inches of snow, dont worry its already melted but we did manage to get some sick pics!!!! haha ill send you some. But it was way fun and it made me miss home pretty bad. I love the snow. :S oh well. Another crazy story this week just happened yesterday. We have been going to a less actives house for the past couple months cause he is kinda fat and he cant come to church. :S And he is getting old but his wife comes every week. So we take him sacrament every once in a while, and they feed us this funny looking russian soup with bottled cabbage and potatoes. :S its alright. anyways he said he had to go to the bathroom and their bathroom is outside and down the hill a bit. so he walked out there and did his buisness and started on the way back and he tripped and fell down a pit about 4 feet deep!~! He nailed his hand on sheet metal and sliced that open pretty good and nailed his knee way hard. And the whole time i was just sitting inside next to the windo just chilling. I heard something fall but i thought it was just the cats messing around outside the window. So we just kept eating then about 3 minutes later a lady started yelling at me through the window. saying " WHY ARE YOU JUST SITTING THERE!" so i said what happened? so we ran outside there to see our buddy 4 feet down all bloody and moaning! alskdjfl;akjdlkadflks so we got him out with some help from the neighbor kid and we got him inside. his knee is all messed up and his hands are all cut upt and to add to it he has a broken arm. every time he moves he about passes out. ksldjflkjalksdf . ya. so we gave him a blessing and they said that they would take him to the hospital. so we are going to be calling them here in a bit to check up. But crazy story eh?!~ way scary.

But on the way home from that apt. We were intercepted by a gang :S 8 drunk russians drinking more and eating raw fish. weird. but they gave us a hard time for a sec then they found out we were americans and they chilled out and started being funny. i think my new comp about pooped his pants. haha his face was hillariously funny. haha. :) good times. anyways they saw my comp had gum and they were asking what kind it was and my comp held out the pack to them to try some and they said no. we dont want any. then i said "Its from America|" and they about killed each other trying to get to it haha. one guy even asked if he could have another peice to give to his wife. so my comp gave them the whole pack. so funny :) i died laughing and so did they . but we ended up being friends and now i have gang member friends that said if i have any problems with anyone to call them and they will come back me up. which pretty means they will kill them and dump their bodies off into some random ditch :D hhaha. Im pretty sure were hooked up now haha. that was fun. we had a good week. We found some guys with potential. and hopefully we get some momentum rolling here in sochi. Anyways that was the week pretty much. but i best be going not much time. I love you all though. Dont die. Drive fast and take chances. :)

Love me. Elder Big D.

Elder Big D Wright

Monday, January 16, 2012


Well not much happened this week cause it rained all week long!!!!!!!! But these are some pics from last week. We hit up a famous park here it was sick. But we were with a weird dude that kept making us take pictures of plants. hahah he was a freak, but he was just trying to be nice. But annoying. But nothing happened this week and i dont have time to write you guys haha. anyways i love you tons. ill write you better next week. Im doing fine. Im not dead. So i guess thats cool :) miss you guys. love me.

Elder Wright.

Elder Big D Wright

Monday, January 9, 2012


Yo what up family and dear friends. so thanks for all the emails and thanks for everything you guys rock!!!!!

well shoot anyways this week was nuts. We got back from zone conference just a couple days ago, that was all bomb and all that stuff but im glad to be back. In zone conference we learned a ton, so when i say that i mean kinda. haha. But it was good and im glad we had it, especially cause sister nechiporov made taco soup. THE BOMB. haha i sure miss moms cooking right about now haha. Dad always said i would and yes.... I do. yup yup yup. Anyways this last saturday we had a branch christmas party which was pretty sweet, but it was weird for me cause we have christmas on the 25th and they have theirs on the 7th of jan. way funky. But it was fun we had a ton of food and we had a ton of people there, im pretty sure there was around 40 people there so that was nice. Im glad they all showed up, at the party there was dancing games and we did a small talent show. and guess what i had to do....???? well somehow they heard a childrens song. you know ( my bonnie lies over the ocean my bonnie lies over the sea . ) ya well someone heard that and they all chanted me up untill i sang it for them. haha it was rediculous. so i sang for them and they all freaked out and theyall loved it. I never thought i would ever sing that song again, way funny but whatever. Its all good. so they had a good time. But then we had a few more people show up to church because of it, we had 28 at church and we even had a baby blessing. They asked me to stand in the circle and i had to tell them how to do it. They have never done a baby blessing before, so i had to show them how which is weird cause i have never done one either but i have seen plenty of them. The kid was so stinking cute i wanted to bring him home haha. But that was nice and it brings a different kind of spirit into the sacrament hall. That was nice. But sunday was good i had to teach priesthood, we started the new year and we are teaching out of the george a. smith teachings of the prophets book. And i was reading it and he was a stud. it was a really good chapter, he did alot in his life and if you havent read it you should. it was great. The past couple weeks i have been realizing how much better my Russian has been getting. I finally hit the point where i can pretty much understand anything in church in the street. well as long as they dont use slang. if they start using slang im a gonner. but its nice to finally understand and be able to speak like i want to. Im not perfect by anymeans but i can get around :) anyways i recieved some letters at zone conferance from the kids and from Robin. And i even got a package from uncle todd!!! how bomb is that. So thanks uncle todd  your the bomb. All the letters gave me a huge boost and now i have some energy in my step. not going to lie i was pretty much out of energy. But letters always help you realize everyone back at home loves you and are cheering you on. that helps a ton. so thanks everyone. And im pretty i laughed so hard i cried reading robins letter to me. oh my gosh her letters are the bomb. haha. so you guys will be getting letters soon. when i say soon i mean in like 2 months haha. hopefully it doesnt take that long. :) anyways i better go. I love you guys. Me and my comp are going on a tour around sochi today with a dude. It should be fun. and we are going to see Stalin's Villa.the place where Stallin chilled for the weekends. So that will be interesting. oh and so last night me and my companion whent to a members house and got lost trying to find it haha. but we got there and the member has a young grandson and they are way poor and they do so much for the missionaries so guess what we did. We took the toys that we got from christmas and we gave them to the kid. He loved them and his favorite wast he lego war robot that sam sent to me. :) He was so happy it was awesome to watch. It was definately the best part of the week. anyways wish me luck. I love you guys and miss you guys. :) peace!!!

love me. Elder Big D.

Elder Big D Wright

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hey Everyone!!!!

What up!1/?? well nothing much is happenin here. Thanks everyone for the emails they are dope and they save missionaries from their madness. So thanks. :) well happy late Birtday to dad. i think he is old enough to write a will, hopefully the corvette is going to his favorite son.:) Just kidding dad. Well anyways this last week was nuts and it wasnt very productive at all, but we did some fun stuff for example. We got lost for a couple hours, we did some member hunting and also got lost hahah, were stranded home for the new years holliday craziness here in Russia, and then we are getting challenged today to a basketball showdown with some russian punks. I will destroy them. The only good russian basketball player is A. K. and he sucks now. so it should be fun haha. But really this week was pretty fun. it flew by and im pretty sure the rest of it will fly by too. Just seems like yesterday i was skyping you. That was fun not going tolie. But it made me soooooo trunky hahaha .Everyone is gettting so big!!!! oh oh oh!!! I formally congratulate uncle joe on his new found glory!!!! Congrats SEND ME PICTURES!!!!!!!  i heard it is so sick!!! anywyas we will have to call dads truck and joes truck the twin sisters. :) thats so cool. haha im so excited for it and im on the other side of the world!!!! haha. Good on ya mate!!! well shoot back to stuff. This week was pretty cool, we did find a new investigator named michael. And he was looking through family pictures and he saw a picture of Amber Martin ( one of my best friends) and he wants me to hook him up with her and invite her to sochi ahhaha . So amber if you want to come to sochi russia and get hooked up with a 70 yr old come on over hahaha. its so funny, he asked me to send a picture home even this week and he even combed his hair for it hahahhaha!!!!!! i was llaughing so so sososoososos hard. I about peed my pants. ill attach the picture so funny. But ya this week was fun we had to stay inside for new years eve and new years day. so we cleaned our "poop" apartment and we studied a little and watched some movies. so it was pretty cool i guess. and we also made me a cake for my 2 year anniversary of going to the mtc haha. funny eh? That seems like forever ago but at the same time it only seems like yesterday we whent to the mtc and dropped me off. Weird.  Ya the cake was the one mom sent me for my b day. we finally got the cake mix out and did it. And the cake was bomb! so good. so we had a good time :) new years is the biggest holliday for Russians so they go all out. it was nuts they had fireworks going on all night long. i had to turn on music to go to sleep. it sounded like a war wasgoing on outside. butit was fun. president let us stay up and welcome in the new year. so that was cool but it threw off my groove and i have been doggin it everywhere. :S but ill live.Sunday i had a talk in church. I gave a talk about the sabbath, it whent well i told everyone in the branch that they need to be better about feeding the missionaries haha :) they got a good kick out of it. Iwas dead serious about it though haha. and last night we had a lesson with a member and she fed us and we read the story about how the hymn "silent night" came to be. its actuallly a really cool story and you all should read it. Its way interesting. anywyas so this week was pretty good. And by the way for aunt laurena yes my keyboard is in russian. But there are small english letters on the keyboard also. :) so im pretty sure kyle will be fine. anyways i got to jet. my computer is telling me i have about 30 seconds to get off :) anyways i love you all next week is going to be crazy i have more trains to ride. ill pretty much be gone tilll saturday. joy. more trains. anyways love you thanks for the emails. :)

love you

Elder Big D Wright