Monday, April 30, 2012

Well another week gone and.... well... gone :)‏

Well shoot all my fam friends and random people that find this stuff floating around on the Internet, whats up?

well nothing much here has been happening. Im here in selmash Rostov just about 30 minutes outside of center Rostov the main mission city. Selmash has a couple Universities and tons of students running around drunk doing dumb things haha, but im pretty sure thats about the same for us in the US. :) So there are tons of young people here in selmash, and lots of them are from Africa so they are all black :) soooo coool and they are way way way way way way wayw wyawyywyywywyayywyyawyyw way nicer than the russians here, therefore i like them :). Well also my favorite part about the area is the soccer stadium here! The Rostov soccer team stadium is about 10 minutes walking distance from my house and every Thursday i can hear the roar of the crowd cheering haha :) its pretty cool but i keep a good distance between me and the soccer stadium after the games. if you dont know why just go ahead and go to YouTube and type in (soccer crowd riots) haha you will see why ahaha. but ya its funny to see cause before the game starts about 300 police officers and swat teams surround the place just in case a riot breaks out :) pretty cool to see actually haha. Well what else about my area........?........ actually my area is pretty lame not going to lie other than that, we have a good branch there are about 25-30 people that come to church every Sunday so its a pretty small branch but they have one of the nicest buildings here in our mission.we also have been meeting with a couple members and they are the bomb here. Most of our branch is actually Armenian so they all kinda look like Hispanic haha :) but they are way cooler. but nothing else too exciting. One of the few reasons i like this area is because im close to center Rostov so i can get my mail quicker haha :) the area is pretty small and the contacting loop takes about an hour and a half to get around. so we do the loop multiple times daily. of course thats no bueno but what can we do. But i am glad to be in rostov because there are lots of missionaries around so we can chill. Down in sochi i was in solitary confinement for 6 months straight. I guess president doesn't like me.  oh ya by the way i was greeting people into the branch sunday and all of a sudden President and his wife showed up and they walked in the front door and said .. surprise elder wright were here. I was like ahhh freak i hope i dont mess up the sacrament prayer haha. but sister nechiporova did give me some chocolate ahhh yeah :) well at least i know she likes me haha, but they pretty much gave their mission were going home speach and it was kinda sad. But i had a talk with him after and he is pretty trunky i think and i think its funny haha. cause he pulled me into a room and gave me the whole dont be trunky talk and i think he is telling me that cause he is reminding himself haha :) President is so awesome But i guess ill try not to get trunky. I wont though i still have a long time to go. anyways nothing much has been happening in our area. we have had a ton of lessons on the street but thats it and we got quite a few numbers as well so i really really hope we get some new investigators cause we need at leas 1000. Life is so much easier when you have investigators> cause if you have some then you dont have to walk the boiling streets of russia all day long. uggh. anyways i have to write president and all that cool stuff i love you guys tons. have a great week and ill be sure to send pictures today :) love you peace :)

love me
Elder Big D
Elder Big D Wright

Monday, April 23, 2012


Well shoot the time has come to tell you my release date! so here it goes.......... im still not sure haha. got ya. anyways i emailed president N about the whole deal and he is not going to be here when i leave so he forwarded my email to the new president. And he says I could go home the 28th of August, but im not sure if thats what is going to happen. I might stick it out a bit longer and go home a month later. but we will see i still need to figure it out myself. Ill let you know as soon as i know. But ya.

well my new area is LAME! But its alright. the branch is amazing so that makes up for the whole thing. But i think ill like it but there is one problem, im in rostov this summer and its already 80 degrees and the only thing we have is a fan....... ya....... pretty bad sit. but maybe if i butter up sister nechiporova and i f i get lucky i can get another fan haha. oh my gosh mission life in rural Russia is crazy. so im pretty much going to die from heat here in Rostov. so don't be mad at me if i come home looking like a skeleton because i will sweat off every single pound i have. Anyways about the area and about the area. There is currently a pool of 3 investigators which pretty much none of them will be going far soon. there is one named john who is from africa. yes i have a black investigator finally!!!! ahhh yeah. black people are so cool. anyways he has a b date for may but its not going to happen cause he needs some documentation. he came to russia durring the U.s.s.r. period and when the whole government was changed over to the existing one his papers became invalid and the government doesnt care about it so he is just stuck here. so he has been trying to get more documentation so he can leave back home. so he said the passport and documents will be here within the month so im crossing my fingers everyting will work out.
Anyways we ahve some other investigators that i have not met but hopefully soon we will meet then i can tell you about them. But ya not going to lie i dont have much to tell you about this area cause i just barely got here. anyways this computer wont let me send pics to you so ill try and send some from the mission office computers. Anywayys i love you all. please dont die.

love me.
Elder Big D Wright

Monday, April 16, 2012

Transfers! And trains yet again Haha

Well what up my awesome sick dope family. And of course friends ;) anyways this week was dope! we had some good lessons and we kicked butt and took some names. This week was pretty cool, well first off ill tell you i have finally been transferred to Rostov in the area (Selmash) It will most likely be my last area where i serve. nope that doesn't make me trunky at all :S. But yes it kinda does. The transfer will be taking place this Wednesday , so ill be leaving Sochi tomorrow! But the bad news is i have to ride more dang stupid gross nasty trains. buhkajdlfjalksdj. But its ok.
We also have some amazing news :) Anna is going to be baptized the 13th of may. aaahhhhhh yeahh! Of course i wont be here, just my luck eh? This has happened to me twice on my mission now! My comp and i set a b date and i get transfered to another city far far away haha. lame sauce that's what that is! But I am way happy for Anna and she is the bomb. Her husband has been trying to straighten up so he can baptize her, he is a cool guy and i hope he gets ready in time :) He actually will probably be coming to utah in August to September so you guys actually might get to meet him. sick huh? ya he is dope. Anyways other than that we watched conference yesterday and Saturday. Anna came to both sessions and she said they were interesting and the talks sounded familiar. so thats a good thing haha. But she is cool and she will be a strong member in this branch.
Well since i have been packing my bags getting ready to get out of here i have been buying a couple cool souvenirs as in olympic trading pins haha way cool. And today my comp and i need to go chill on the beach before our train leaves tomorrow morning. oh oh oh saturday night we had a sick dinner on the beach. there is a bbq guy down on the beach that has some really good stuff and the chairs were right on the beach overlooking the sunset. it was probably the most epic thing i have done in sochi. And tonight we are planning on doing that again because it was so goooood :) haha it sucks that i just barely figured this out 3 days before i leave haha. but isnt that how it always is. lame oh well but this week has been pretty good. I said goodbye to the branch yesterday and i was sad. I have been here for 6 months and they are like my family already. :( im still kinda sad about it but im glad to get transferred so i can get a new area and a new view. In Selmash i will be serving with elder Weidermier. he is about 6'9" and he makes me feel really really small. Just like dax does haha. But he probably weighs in at 165 haha he is soooo skinny. but he is a funny kid and i hope things go well with him. but anyways today ill be emailing president about my release date l;ajsdlkfajlkasjdlkajsdlkfjalskfj. thats coming up quick. the Ap's called and told me to email president cause they are starting to plan transferrs again and they need my realease date. so ya. Dont make me trunky or ill punch you all in the face. :) haha anyways i love you all and i better go before i say something stupid. PEACE
p.s enjoy the pics.
-- Elder Big D Wright

Monday, April 9, 2012


Well what up to all the pimps back at home.

well i dont have too much time this week to email but i will give you the low down on all the sick dope plain awesome stuff happening here in sochi :)
Well this week we had a total of 21 lessons. what the crap i know! i have no idea what happened hahah. all the people came out and they are all happy , funny eh?
but our new investigator anna is doing good and she came to church and we are trying to get her baptised soon :) that will be cool haha. But what else happened. oh ya we saw a sick fight outside of our window and a dude got knocked silly from an open hand slap to the face hahah :) i laughed. it was sweet. but nothing else happened. i love all of you and ill write better next week. Dont die
love me 
Elder Big D Wright

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sick week‏

Well this week was pretty bomb. This week we had some good weather and also some bad weather but mostly good :) we had some fun also. The youth in our branch took my comp and I up to some sweet waterfalls not too far from sochi and i guess its where everyone goes swimming in the summer. It was way cool and i wish i could go swimmin there right now!!!!! But its still pretty cold and it actually snowed again down here in sochi. funny eh? ya it is. But this week was funWe met a new kid named David. He has met missionaries before and has heard some of the gospel, i dont think he is looking for something new just now but he is a way cool kid that just likes being good. so we have been going on walks with him around sochi just talking about life school stuff like that and occasionally a gospel topic. so that was cool and he actually doesnt speak too bad of english so elder Roberts gets his say in on everything too, so thats awesome. But other than that we recieved a refferal from a non active member, and he his wife asked to start taking lessons. haha when she asked to have lessons i kinda sat there for a second like " uhh...... what just happened? " haha i didnt really know what to say for a sec but of course we set up a meeting for tonight and she has a great question which is going to fit in perfectly to our lesson. her question is "why do i need to be baptized again if i was already baptized as a baby? so we are going to drop the gospel bomb ok its more like a gospel pillow bomb haha :) on her and it should be a great lesson. And we plan on inviting her to be baptized today so i pray that everything is going to work out like it should.
But this week the work here in sochi is picking up. its probably just cause its spring time and everyone is happy and out of the house haha. But transfers are coming up in a couple weeks so if anytyhing does start happening ill probably miss it haha. bummer eh? ya oh well its time to pack the bags and get to another area. seriously i have been her fore 6 months. haha i like the place but its time to move on. hahah here in a month ill wish i was back in sochi though, oh well :) anyways i have had a good time in this area, its been my hardest area but the best too i guess.
Ya so i heard that conference was the bomb. i am downloading the first session as we speak so that we can listen to it on our dvd players. im excited for it. but we should be getting the hard copies here in like 3-4 weeks. so that sucks so im downloading them right now. :) haha hey i forgot when Dax's wedding is. Will someone tell me cause i have to send him hate mail for leaving a brother hangin single. Anyways i better go. i love all of you and i hope that everything is going smoothly for everyone.
well i hope you like the pictures.
have a good week
and dont die. thats pretty important i think :)
love you guys
Elder Big D Wright
                                                             Letter from Elder Seitz to me about Dallin :)

Howdy! Hey sorry for this botch e-mail but there was one thing that I wanted to say that I think you and you're family will appreciate. So there's this visa sister here in Riga who's from Estonia but she serves in Rostov and she said some very nice things about Dallin. She doesn't know him personally because she's never served in the same city as him but she knows TONS about him. She just told me how everybody absolutely LOVES him, especially the members. She called him the "star" of the mission. He's the man. Yup, Dallin is a good boy.


Elder Seitz