Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What up homie g's!

Well first of all sorry for not emailing yesterday!! my visa expired so i had to bounce and get my missionary butt to ukraine. haha it was sooooo laaaame! Except for one thing i met a girl on the bus. Her name is ludmilla and she is a stone cold fox. She is 70 yrs oldhahhahahahha  and she taught me how to make fruit juice called compot. and its way good. hahaha. I got a picture with her but i pulled a tard and left my other memory card at the apartment. oops oh well. Ya but we talked for like five hours. it was really cool. And it made me realize how much my Russian is improving. pretty sick . Ya but Transfers happend and Elder Nancollas was just made Assistant to the president. Pretty cool huh. he is a stud. But Elder Hodson and i are kickin it in Severny. He is awesome! except he is from colorado so we have colorado utah battles all the time haha. jk. But ya he is the bomb. So im glad to hear that the wedding went well and that its all over finally haha. you should send me some pics of the yard. I bet it was amazing. It would have been better if i would have been there to do it though :) jk.   Ya so anyways this past week was pretty cool. Sunday was a drag. It went by so slow! THe members here dont know how to give a talk. they just go grab the liahona and read a talk out of it. And it makes for a really really long sacrament meeting. but oh well. oh ya!! i have the saddest slash grosest story to tell you! We were at a members house this last saturday. and we had a good lesson with her and her family and then after she said here i have a present for you. and she comes back from the other room with a cake! A choclolate cherry cake. oh ya.! i was way stoked for it. She said that they were going to eat it but then no one wanted it so it has just been sitting in the fridge for four days. so she gave it to us! so ya SCORE!!!!!!!!!!! hahah but then we took it home did some planning and totally popped the sucker open and started eating!!! It was sooooo goood.......... well we thought it was............... then my companion said " OH MY GOSH" And i looked down and it the middle of the cake was a big pocket of MOLD!!!!!!!!! And we had already eaten like a wh ole piece!!! So nasty!!!! And i looked down at mine and mine had mold on it too!!!!!!!! so gross! So ya our missionary moral went from a 10 1/2 to a negative 25. it was dumb so we ended up throwing the cake away and ya it was sad. Very very sad day. haha. But ya other than that we have been working with less actives as you know. and one of our non actives had us over for service again. and we finished painting and after we finished he said guys come over here! so we followed him and he showed us his seceret raspberry garden!!! and he said eat up! so ya i jumped all over that!!! IT was AMAZING. So i pretty much decided that i will have a raspberry garden when i am old and fat. haha. People on the street have been pretty rough.  not too many people have been talking to us. So the work is going slow for now. Hopefully it will pick up soon though.  Even though the work sucks and the people are meaner than snot! I actually enjoy being out here. It really it way cool. I just got to keep pushing through!
Well shoot i am gonna get off but everyone that somewhat likes me should send me a couple pics through emails so i can print them off and put them in my picture book. I show all the members and all of the investigators the pictures. They love seeing pictures and they always show theirs too. so ya send me some pictures of you lovely people doing crazy fun stuff. :)
well i love all of you! have fun
drive fast and take chances.
P.S. stay off the road for a couple weeks cause Rachel is 16 bhahahhahah.
LOVE Elder Big D

Monday, June 20, 2011

What is up to the free world!!!

Well shoot! Another transfer has come and gone!!! And guess where im going!!??? ...........................................drum roll please!........................................................................................ im going no where hahahah. im staying in severny once again hahah. i dont mind cause the branch here is the bomb. the members are off the hook!. so fun. ahaha. so ya im staying here. Elder Tropnikov is leaving. thank my lucky stars. And Elder Hodson is coming!!! He is the bomb!! so funny and he is a way good missionary so im way stoaked on this next transfer.!!! aahhhh yeah. So anyways THanks DAD! I got your package last week!! And thanks Robin for the Grad announcment. I also recieved it last week. hahah all the elders say they are going to marry you now hahah. i had to threaten half of them to give the picture back or else i would have a Vernal smack down on them. haha it was pretty funny. so ya. So last week was really good. we got transfer calls, we met with a bunch of cool members and i set my new record for other lessons in a week at 9. whooo hoo. haha in Reality that is way lame. But for here in our mission its pretty sweet cause two weeks ago we had 4. pretty lame. haha. we had one baptism this last transfer. that sets the yearly baptisms so far at..........4. yup. haha. But were working on it!!! But this week was good i had alot of fun. especially when i spilled cooking oil all over my suit pants. dont worry mom i took them to the dry cleaners. haha. Oh ya funny story so  on the street yesterday we ran into like 3 drunk dudes and my favorite on was the first dude.  well here is the story. so i was talking to him about the gospel and he stopped us from talking and he got really close to elder tropnikov and he said "your a lier!" and my comp said "why?" then the drunk dude said " you have green eyes. Your lying cause you have green eyes." then he looked at me and he looked in my eyes and grabbed my head and gave me the weirdest hug ever. he put my head on his chest and said. "you speak the truth because you have blue eyes!!!!!!!" bahahhahahhahahha i about lost it right then and there. oh my gosh it was so freaking funny!!! wow it was great. my comp was way mad but i loved it and all day i kept reminding elder tropnikov that he should leave the prosilyting to me hahah. so funny but ya it was great. And all the other drunk guys are just drunk guys. they all like us one second the next they want to fight. retards. oh well..
So other than that the week was good. No new investigators. We got some numbers, so hopefully those turn out well. Hopefully. Sorry for the letter and its so short but alas time is running out and i must depart hence forth into the world of Russia. yup yup anyways thanks everyone for the letters i love reading them!!!!!!!!!!! i love all of you.
Drive fast and take chances
love me. Elder BIg D

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Elder Wright's Address!

President Nechiporov asked that I email you and ask that you alert all those who are sending mail and packages to you (except pouch mail), to be sure they are using the mission office address and not the mission home address.  When a package is sent to the mission home, President or Sister Nechiporov have to go to a different post office to pick the package up.  This is a great inconvenience for them.  President said if you want to get your packages and letters please make sure they are addressed properly!

This is the correct address:

Russia Rostov Mission
Bolshaya Sadovaya 39/4
Rostov-na-Donu, Russia

Thank you for help!

Sister Jeppson

Well shoot its the 13th of june! wow holy smokes.

well dang! This week flew by it seems like yesterday i was just writing you and talking to you about the week before. oh well, anyways howdy do and a bottle of rum. So this week was alot better! We had splits with Elder Nancollas and we did some damage together haha like always. we kicked butt. And elder tropnikov succesfuly ate ate three members houses without getting sick or getting...... ya you know hwat i was going to say haha. so ya and this week we did service for a old dude in our branch that doesnt come to church cause his mom is almost dead and he takes care of her. His name is victor and i sent you a pic with me and him last week. wow i sound like a hick. Anyways i was up about thirty feet painting steel pipe that holds up his grape vines. holy smokes he has alot of grapes. well soon to be grapes haha. but ya we didnt finish so were going again this week. Oh and the highlight of the week was we finally recieved the general conference liahonas!! haha its so good. And im pretty sure our prophet is a stud. Well this week we rocked it with member lessons. and we met with a bunch of less active members too. MY favorite less active so far is the tamazyan family. they are Armenian. They are the bomb and they fed us tacos. And it was way good. we had fun talking to them, and they remind me of our family cause of how tight they are together. They all just laugh and tell funny stories. i love it. it made me miss all of you uglies. haha. ya but they have been having trouble with the branch president i guess. they dont get along at all. So ya its tough. THis branch president seems to offend alot of members. Terd. ya anyways. oh ya so two days ago i ate another weird food. In Russian its сала. Which is salted frozen pig fat! it looked so nasty but alas since im the american everyone seems to find it funny to make me eat the funny stuff. but it was actually pretty dang good. weird huh. my companion says people eat it like we eat penut buttter. nasy huh?! ya i thought so but i only had one piece and it was alright hahah. funny. ya so today we are going to presidents house for a p day activity cause some of the elders are going home this transfer. it makes me sad cause they are some of my best buds. they are crazy haha. yup so other than that everything is getting better. the members are warming up. the sun has cooled down :) it has been over cast all week!!!! ah yeah. my dream. and the people on the street ....... well they are them and they dont like me hahaha. crazy Russians. yup but oh well. So it was good to here from you. have a good week. Tell Todd and his fam hi for me!!!
From Russia with love . bhahahah
Elder Big D

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Sam!!! What a goof! well its his birthday tomorrow hahhaa. love you bro.
well shoot another week come and gone. And im still in Russia. hahah. nothing too exciting to tell you just the same old stuff. but something cool did happen . It was way hot it was around 90 degrees and we were on the street trying to contact people and i started to pray for some clouds . and guess what. five minutes later couds came  and it sprinkled a bit. hahha. it was tight! so the lord takes care of his missionaries. hahah. i was pretty stoked. so ya other than that we have zone conf again it seems like it was just last week we had the last one. weird. oh well so what else should i tell you. well im feeling better. i didnt feel to hot this morning. but hopefully this crap will go away by this afternoon. oh i do have another way funny thing to tell you. its about my 6 year old girlfriend in my branch haha. well yesterday during primary i guess they were talking about things that they were thankful for and she told her mom that she was thankful for me cause when she gets old enough she is going to marry me. hahaha and then she wrote on the black board a picture of her sleeping. and me in her dreams. ahhaha and she put the heading on it " good dreams about wright" bahahah i about died especially when her mom came and told me to come look. im just glad that her parents think its funny. hahhaa. so ya that was funny and she draws me pictures every sunday. she is a cute little stink. makes me miss ella. so ya that was pretty much the funny stuff.
Rostov is still alive and kicking. im right along with it. hopefully this week picks up. we did meet with a couple dudes from off the street and we have had seperate meetings again with both of them. one of them is a fisherman. he is tight his name is sergey. and he said he is taking us fishing one of these days haha. he is pretty tight. he said that he will read the bom and that he will meet with us regularly but he isnt promising anything. but hey all we need is a little hole in the fence to get in . so ya hopefully that goes well. we need to get investigators. we are sitting at a whole wopin 0. and it sucks . so ya were working hard trying to find some more people. but all in all this week was a good week.
so thanks for all the emails everyone!!! i love reading them every week. they keep me sane hahah. everyone go boating for me. and tell sam to start pumping iron so he can tell more muscle jokes hahah. what a goof ball. i think we should write a sam one liner book. hahah. so funny. tell everyone hi for me.
Robin dont die in college. and dont kill your roomates cause they eat cereal weird haha. love you
anyways everyone have fun and dont die.
give dax a huge hug from me.
love you alll
love elder big D

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Happy late birthday to the hindu!!!!! LOVE YOU MAN
well shoot how are you guys! Im not to bad. Im glad that robin actually gradutated. now she can say. Howdyy yall me Robin and ima uinter high graduuate. bahahha. im glad she got through high school without killing anyone. haha. So shoot this week was crazy and oops ya i did send you the wrong pics. my bad. ill fix that next week. sorry. but ya this week was alright. i got a sun burn. and the temp has been pretty stinking hot. just like the next 4 months are going to be..HOT! But this week was pretty slow. we called alot of people and no one could meet with us. but we did meet a couple dude on the street and we got one to come to church and the others we got phone numbers and they said we could meet with them. hopefully we do cause when we are not teaching time moves so stinkin sloooooow!!!! not cool. But ya thats how it is in the hardest mission in Russia. I have been talking to the office elders and they said statistically this is the hardest mission in russia. i dont know about the world but here in russia it is. pretty stinking hard. but i got the jingelies and i feel a elder wright baptisim coming on. hahha ill keep my fingers crossed. But this week was alright. tuesday i was sick. my stomach was killing me so sister nicheprov has been stuffing me full of drugs. enough to make me feel like a drug addict. But now im feeling better and i have been stuck to a strict chicken and rice diet without any flavourings. ya it sucks. so ya so its beenrough but im feeling better at least. so it sounds like everyone is having fun and no one is dead. thats a very good thing . oh ya funny story so there is this little girl in our branch and she is six years old and she is pretty much in love with me. hahah i walked into a teaching room in the church and she drew me and her getting married on the chalk board hahaha. i laughed so hard. until her dad saw it. but then he laughed so it was pretty funny. then yesterday i taught primary about the priesthood. it went fine. not to bad. i felt alot better about my russian when i was talking to the 4 and 6 year olds hahhaha. it was great. but after my little lesson sasha the six yr old girl told me that she wants me to baptise her. i told her i wouldnt be here anymore and i would be in utah. and she said " so you have to come back and do it anyways." ahahha it was hilarious. so funny. But ya then one of our potentioal investigators came to the end of church then we had a lesson with him about the restoration. it was alright. he was in a hurry to meet someone. so hopefully next week is better. But all in all this week was fine. time is flying by and im having fun when im not getting sun burnt. hahah. weeeelll i love you all. have fun. take chances. live life.
love elder Big D