Monday, July 25, 2011

Great week

Shoot where to start!!!! well first off thanks everyone for the emails! they are the bomb!!!
k well anyways well i guess ill start from monday on. well remember sergey that i told you guys about last week? well we have been meeting with him alot lately. well monday we took him to FHE at the senior couples house. that was great he made friends with other missionaries and some other investigators there. so that was the bomb and thats exactly why we take them to fhe. so it worked haha. k then we met with him saturday and we had a first lesson. It was really good, we watched the restoration movie with him and it answered alot of questions for him about how the church got started and how it all works. we gave him an invitation to be baptisted and he wast sure yet so we said we can talk about it later. then saturday there was a baptism and we invited him to that. and he came and watched the baptism. he liked it alot and said he thinks its really a coool thing. then we had him at church again! he actually showed up. it was the bomb!! OH OH OH we had a Elder from the 70's here sunday. his name is Elder minasyan from armenia. he is the bomb and he talked to sergey for like ten minutes and told him that he needs to act now on his faith and not wait for tomorrow. cause no one knows when we will pass from this life or even when jesus will come again. It was way powerfull. way way way cool and the coolest par was he was still talking to sergey and we were holding up sunday school and his councelor came up to him and said elder we need to start class and elder minasyan said nope sorry im doing missionary work.! it was the bomb! so that puts it into perspective of how important missionary work is . haha i was so stoaked when he said that. it was awesome . i love the leaders in our church. so bomb. but ya after church i helped the branch president do tithing and stuff and while i  did that sergey talked to members and he made alot of friends. the members are finally getting excited about maybe getting a new member. so they are all starting to pitch in. and it helped alot that elder minasyan acutally gave a talk to the whole branch on how the missionaries cant do everything by ourself. so he whipped em back into shape for us. thank goodness. so ya they started pitching in. finally. so ya it was bomb then we had another lesson right after that and we talked abo0ut prayer and how we can talk with god and ask for help and for answeres. He also had questions about prophets. we settled all his concerns. he was very very sincere about all his questions and he is very interested. he told us how he has been running around all his life and how much he feels lost. and he wants to be on the straight path. this was the cool part. i told him that this is the straight path and that the only way to get onto the path is through baptism. the spirit was so strong it was great!! he sat there for like ten minutes it felt like. then he said alright. well how do we start working towards that?!!! bam baby there is the golden question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so stoaked. ahh yeah. so we talked about how it works and all that good stuff and now he is thinking about setting a date with us. so hopefully soon. but we had him pray at the end of the lesson and he prayed for liek ten mintutes not lying and he asked for guidance and help and peace to know what to do with his life. it was one of the most sincere prayers i have ever heard in my life! it was awesome i was way proud. then we left. ten minutes later he called me and said dallin. (he only calls me by my first name ahha i dont know why) but he said you know that peacefull feeling you were talking about.? well i just started feeling it . then he aksed when we could meet again. so amazing so ya great great week. we will be setting a date with him our next meeting. so im pretty stoaked. god is blessing us hard core right now. sweet
ya but other than all that everything is fine. i got dads package in the mail. thanks dad. it was the bomb. I hope that everything is going well. I love you all!!!!
the picture of the old lady is a member and she is looking at our family pic giving me the thumbs up haha i thought you would enjoy that hahah.
drive fast and take chances.
love me
Elder wright.

p.s. my leg is fine ahha.... well now it is ahahha
love big d

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sup all you lake powell party fools

Well shoot! Where to start? This week was pretty crazy! And we sure did alot and it seems like the week just flew by! Well other than russia being way tooooooo hot! its still kickin and its pretty legit. Other than the fact that all the old grandmas with canes yell at me and make me feel bad hahah. jk. but seriously those grannies are made out of steel they have no feeling i swear. but oh well.
well shoot this week we had a bunch of street lessons. it was awesome. for some reason everyone wanted to talk with us. So we got like 10 phone numbers this week. it was awesome! well...... until we called all of them and they told us to never call again or they just dont answer their phone or they give us the wrong number..... story of my mission life. haha and i have to finish telling you the story about the chalk drawing situation. remember? ya well anyways that michael guy called us right before our apt on tuesday and he said is it alright if i bring some friends with me? so of course we said yes. and we were waiting outside the church and i saw a big group of punk kids. there was like 8 of them all laughing and walking towards us. i leaned over to my comp and said. elder thats them man. (i said it jokingly) then ten seconds later they started making eye contact withme and i was like. crap that is them! wow. so ya the michael kid was a punk kid. And we ended up just playing ping pong with him. oh well. but we did have a lesson. but they are all like 16 and 17 so we cant teach them without parrent permission. which is way hard to get around here. haha. so ya oh well it was a nice try and maybe it will go somewhere later in the future.
but the real miracle for the week is we met a dude named sergey. and he lived in america for like thirteen years and we contacted him and he was way interested int the bom. so we gave him one and invited to church. he came the next day and i tought him the first lesson with a member. that was cool. he is totally into it. and last night i took him to family home evening at the senior couples house. so ya he is digging the religion and the bom. so hopefully he is going some where. i invited him to a baptism this weekend. elder nancollas has a baptism. sick huh. there should be two ladies getting baptised the same day and hopefully he can see that and see what its like. but ya he is a way cool guy and he loves talking to us. so ya.
but other than that everyting is going good. sorry for not emailing yesterday my comp had a visa trip there fore i was stuck working with some other missionaries yesterday in rostov. anyways i got to get going. enjoy the pics. they are me helping a member knock down a wall in his house hahha that was fun but the plaster off the wall cut my leg open. i think i put a pic in there . hahaha everything is fine. anyways love you all have a great week.
p.s you alll suck for going to lake powell without me. and i bet you even took my delilah! bunch of jerks.!!! oh well hope you had fun..
drive fast and take chances
love me elder wright

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Rostov M

So i have to tell you the funnies thing right now!!! hahah so right now im in the internet cafe obviously and they play music and right now  the song " Tequila" you know off of the sand lot. ya well it just came on and i just about died laughing hahaha. so great haha. me and my comp are singing it as we speak. Its not very hard cause there is only one word in the whole song haha ( Tequila) haha way funny

Anyways so whats new with all of you? Nothing really is new here same old same old. Me and my comp walkin the dusty streets of Russia like a bunch of lonely desparados. Pretty epic. But ya this week was pretty fun. It sure flew past! for the  4th of july we hung out with a bunch of other missionaries. That was fun then we had a big family night together with some members and elder nancollas's investigator. They just set a b date with her to. Crazy and the cool thing is she has a tennis scholarship to USU in Utah so she is going to america pretty soon. Funny huh. SO they are going to dunk her before she jets off. The middle of the week flew by. We had a bunch of street lessons! It was bomb. Usually we have been getting 6-9 street lessons a week but this week we had 12 street lessons and 5 less active lessons. it was crazy. The days fly by when you have lessons. But if you dont you spend the whole day out in the sun walking around.
No but this week we had a sweet miracle! It was the bomb so hold onto your seats. Well friday we were pretty sick of contacting and we had the zone leaders over so we decided to go chalk drawing in the park around our house. so we went and i drew the book of mormon and the gold plates. and underneath it i put moroni's promise i do believe the scripture reference is moroni 10:5. so anyways i wrote that at the bottom and i put the churches name off to the side with the web site address and our cell phone number. and we tried stopping people but no one would talk. they would just stare at the picture for a minute then walk off and call us a sect. jerks huh haha. oh well. So we left after a couple hours of that and we went contacting. no success though. So we had a pretty poopy day. and not going to lie the whole week was way horrible. it was hot, humid, All of the phone numbers we got off of the street were falling through. our set up appointments with members were falling through and everyting was just sucking right. and so that night before planning for the next day, i told my comp we need to pray. So we did and i told hevenly father exactly how i felt. i told him that the mission work sucks right now and that we havent been liking the mission work at all and i asked him that we needed some help. It was a very very emotional prayer. then we finished and we started planning. Not even two minutes after we ended our prayer our phone rang! And it was some dude named michael. He saw our chalk drawing and he told us that he wants the book of mormon. And he said he wants to meet with us! I almost was speechless! It was amazing so we set a meeting up for tomorrow evening.! so im pretty excited! god loves us and he is there to help us out. Just ask!
So ya i know that miracles happen in missionary work. now all we have to do is help this dude realize the importance of the gospel. yup hahah so ya that was a huge testimony builder! anyways time is running short and i have to go! so i love you all and i hope everyone is having a great summer!
Love you alll
drive fast and take chances
love Elder Big D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whats up!!! ITS THE 4TH OF JULY!

HOLY SNOT! its the 4th! wahoo one of my most favorite hollidays! so sick!!! Its way weird being in a different country celebrating a American holliday haha. Pretty sweet! First thing we did this morning was we listened to Ray charles sweet America. You know the song off of the sand lot when they are playing underneath the fire works. ya. it was pretty sweet. Made me pretty home sick for a while. but then i got over it haha. So im pretty sure America is the bomb. YUP. light some illegal fireworks for me!
Alright well this week was pretty legit other than one thing. I have been sick for the past 3 days! So not cool. I have a stupid summer cold and i have no energy what so ever. and it sucks!!! But i have been on drugs. (just how i like it haha) and i have been trying to get some rest. Yesterday after church i tried to go work for 3 hours and that was a mistake haha. i barely made it around the block. haha i made my comp find the nearest park bench . ya it was pretty lame. But today i am feeling better. not 100% but im getting better. so we will so how it all goes.
But we did get one investigator to come to church. that is a miracle! holy smokes! But then after sacrament and testimony meeting she (our investigator) turned to us and said. I like your church and i agree with lots of what was said. but.... i wont become a member. And then she stood up and walked out. just like that back down to 000000 investigators hahah. yup. But the funniest thing is what she said when we met her. well we were on the street like tuesday and we contacted into her. anyways well i started talking to her and explained who we are and stuff and she cut in and said " wait you guys are the religion with poligamy right?" And of course i said no and then she said "oh well thats too bad cause i would have come to you guys alot sooner if you did" hahahahahahaa i about died right then and there. it was awesome hahaha. Ya but oh well... another one bites the dust.
Then later in the week i got sick. So we stayed home, we made a fort. and played card games in the fort. We played egyptian rat screw 3 times in a row and i lost every time. It wasnt cool. hahah. And the funniest part about me being sick for some reason my voice is way way lower than normal and so yesterday when we were contacting my comp said it sounded like i was trying to seduce the ladies into talking to us haha. it was way funny. cause i thought about it and it kinda did haha.  pretty funny
But ya my russian is getting better and better. slowly but surely, john knows all about how much russian sucks to learn haha way stinkin hard. But its pretty legit. If I can learn Russian I can do pretty much anything ive decided. So i guess the lord has blessed me with some self confidence. oh oh oh so last night after contacting we were walking home and there was a big group of girls off the side of the road and they stopped us and they tried to ask me "what time is it" in english but i didnt under stand so i said "what" in russian and they all freaked out and said crap hes russian. ahhaha then we talked to them for a sec and found out they were just trying to mess with us. stupid girls. but it was pretty sick cause that was the first time someone called me Russian. hahah nothing better to boost your confidence. haha but i only said one word. so i guess that doesnt mean anything ahhaha. oh well. i thought it was pretty sick.
Well my time is winding down and im pretty sure im starting to sound like an idiot so ill just jump off the computer and get going and go buy some groceries! ahhh yeah.
well i love you all. Happy 4th of july! take some pictures of the fam for me!!! and send them!!! that might be helpful.
well got to jet
drive fast and take chances
love me. Elder big D