Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well holy smokes another week has come and gone and im liking how this whole two year thing is flying by. If time is flying by then your having a good time. :)
So im glad to hear everything is going well back in the states and im glad to hear no one is in jail or dying. So this week eveything is pretty dope! cause sunday is a magical day where members give you refferals. haha i got my first refferal from a member this last week. And were trying to get a meeting set up witht he people :) so thats pretty exciting. And also why sunday is my fav day is cause we had a lady randomly show up to church and ask to meet with us. and so i have met with her 3 times this week! Her name is Irina. funny huh so now i have 2 investigators with the that name. And also she now has a baptismal date for the 17 of september. haha so now they both have b dates. cool huh haha. so im starting to realize that sometimes god does all the work and i just sit there and do nothing. And for some reason when those cool miracles come our way its usually not the cause from something we did. She just showed up and wanted to talk. We didnt do anything except teach her the lessons. So ya im glad i have the big guns fighting for me on the other side! Pretty dope. ya but anyways thats the way cool new for the week.
We had zone conferance this week also and it was sweet. The talks were way good  and Sister Nechiporov made an awesome taco soup!! Which is amazing for us cause our diet as missionaries sucks! haha we should eat better but we dont have time to make anthing nice except for on p days. so we uually make a quick spagghetti or however you spell it. Or dumplings and noodles. But im pretty sure i have eaten more noodles in the past year than i have my whole life put together.hhaha weird. But back to zone conferance. it was the bomb and we all learned alot and we got a new jump start to finish the transfer hard. President talked about how we need to step up our game so we can reach our goal of 55 baptisms by the end of the year. I think we are at 23 :S so ya. but we also have a freak amount of investigators getting baptised in september! we have 13 on the roster ! way crazy huh! but way cool haha. pretty intense cause in august we had i think only 1 person get baptised. but whatever we are kicking butt and taking names for september.!
Anyways i dont really have that much to tell you about last week. It was a good week thats pretty much it haha.
Well shoot tell everyone hi for me. give robin a wet willie for her birthday on the 1st. and someone go buy some more rats and give them to Sam and Dan. :) haha we all know why.
well shoot im off! Love you all
Drive fast and take chances
Love me

Elder Big D Wright

Friday, August 19, 2011


Hey guys whats up?
Well shoot nothing much is going on here. Just the same old jiff. Well except for on piece of info. You know Irina the lady i have been teaching? ya well she is cool and she now has a baptismal date for the 3rd of September. Dope huh! So I'm pretty stoked about that one!!! ha ha. I'm glad she is progressing. hopefully everything works out and hopefully it doesn't fall through.
Ya well this week was a pretty much a monsoon! I about drowned like 3 times just walking around out side!  Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I'm pretty sure i attached some pics to show you . It was pretty cool though. I enjoyed it at least. But the heat wave is finally gone and its been in the low 80's all week and its awesome! I'm so glad to finally be out of the heat wave. It was so hot it reminded me of how Dax cooked a frozen pizza on a rock in Moab. Remember that? What a goof ball, i sure miss that kid.
So thinking about the date i hit my year mark here next month. Weird huh. Ya but i was looking at my release date and stuff and it seems like they have added another transfer to my mission. Funny huh. oh well. I'm not worried about it. But the mission has been going well, nothing to complain about really. Especially since I'm sitting in the nice air conditioned office! ha ha pretty funny, but its way fun to be here in the office with president and the senior couples. Ha ha the senior couple are hilarious!!! the prices> he was actually a professor at BYU . He taught Child psychology for a long time. Maybe someone in our family has taken a class from him. Anyways he is awesome cause at FHE this Monday ( i was translating) and he said while walking around the room like a zombie humming. " you better be good cause i can look into your eyes and know what you have done." ha ha it was pretty funny :) I laughed and so did everyone else. Its way hard to translate when your laughing. the funny part wasn't even him saying he can know what everyone was doing it was a 72 year old man walking like a zombie humming. ha ha so funny. anyways.
Ya well this week was just normal nothing too exciting other than the baptismal date with Irina. She is pretty cool i wish you guys could meet her. ya anyways so im pretty much out of stuff to tell ya. This week was just a normal week around the block.
Well i guess ill get off then.
Love you all.
Elder Big D
Pictures: me and my comp Elder Kelly drowning, me way way cold, and me at a huge dope Russian war monument here in center Rostov. Its way cool. :)


Saturday, August 13, 2011


Yo what up to all my playas! (in my black man voice!) Dope. Alright well shoot this week has been pretty crazy. Litterally crazy! cause i went to the center branch on sunday and like 5 people there are legitimately crazy. hahah. i dont know what to say about them just crazy. but way way funny to watch. i know robin would laugh right along with me watching them. haha. Those are the times i miss you guys the most is when something funny happens that only we would get with out wright semi strange humor. haha. But hey strange is the best. (it keeps everything interesting) right? Ya anyways it was pretty cool to hear that one of robins friends is coming to my mission. We will be glad to have him. He will learn to love it. Just like i have. EXCEPT WHEN FILLINGS FALL OUT OF MY TEETH!!! Yes a filling fell out and im not happy about it. pretty dumb but oh well. ill just keep it clean :S ahhaa
Ya but this week has been really stressful here in the office. i have been dealing with monthly reports from the past 3 months fixing them cause i keep getting calls from moscow telling me that the numbers arent adding up. :s so i have been cleaning up the mess from other missionaries. so ya i swear im going to go bald. Good thing i have a ton of hair. Ya so things in the office have been way rough. But im trying to be patient and NOT throw the computer and all financial documents out my 5th floor window. Even though that would really give me some pleasure out of the computer for once rather than headaches. ahah. But ya its actually not that bad. i just make it sound bad haha. Ya so anyways other than the actual computer stuff center rostov is the bomb! And i am having fun contacting the millions of people. Even if they say no or die or jump out infront of a moving car i still like contacting. hahah because in the end they will figure out i was just trying to help them. But for the most part people are really nice here. welll........... kinda. I have been trying an experiment. I go up to someone and just ask them a normal question like " escuse me can you point me to the nearest book store?" And people will always tell you where to go and how to get there and some even pick up that im american and they start talking to me and asking why im here. its actually pretty cool cause they find out that im a normal person with normal needs before i start talking about the gospel so thats a good way to contact. Now this is the normal way of contacting which works too. but not as good. " Hi can talk with your for a second?" And then i get a prompt jump off a cliff. Ok i never heare go jump off a cliff . but when i hear the no come out of their lips i take it as a sign to go jump off a cliff. hahah. But sometimes that approach works well.  so ya pretty funny and that has been my experiment lately.
So anyways since i came to center rostov i have inherited a investigator here name is Irina. she is a painter and she is way good! way good. she took me to here art gallery two days ago and she has some of the most amazing paintings i have ever seen.!! Just amazing is all i can say. But she has been an investigator for a little over 2 months. And she has come to church every single sunday and has been to 3 baptisms and she has also had a baptismal date. But she backed out a week before the baptism. She just wanted to know more about the gospel befor she got baptised. And she is really a neat lady. She told me yesterday on a lesson that she has a desire to be baptised and she thinks she is pretty much ready. she is just scared of what her friends will think. So she is going to get the fear god more than man lesson here soon. But as you can see she has potential. Hopefully ill dunk her quick. haha but here is the cool thing about her. Every thing she has asked for in a prayer has been answered! not just like been answered in a while but imediately! Like for instants she needed some money to pay rent and she prayed and the next day a old client that she painted for brought her money that he owed her. then she lost the money in her house and couldnt find it anywhere then she prayed. guess what she found it in 2 minutes. then yesterday we had our lesson with her and she said her power got shut off and she cant paint without light. so we told her to pray. more in a joking manner. but then she did at the end of the lesson. then she went home and called me back and told me the power at her house was on! how dope is that! so the lord definately answeres prayers. So we are going to be bringing this up on our next meeting too. ya so that irina. she is way cool, hopefully she continues to progress.
Ya so that has been my week.  its been pretty fun and pretty crazy. but i did get word that my next visa got messed up some how so guess what ill be going to kiev ukrain to the temple most likely for like a week. how dope is that. i havent seen a temple in 5 months. thats a long long time!! so im pretty stoaked about that. it might chane though. so we will see. we will see but i got my fingers crossed. ;) k well i hope that everyone has a great week.!!
drive fast and take chances.
love me Elder Wright Big D    bahhahaha
P.S. The pic is me and my new comp. his dad wasa mission pres in moscow like 8 years ago. so he is cool i  was in the mtc with him to its kinda cool to catch up. his name is Elder Kelly. He is from provo and his dad is a professor at BYU right now. His dad is a professor of Russian believe it or not haha. crazy how things work out huh. :) so maybe robin will run into him some time.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hey what up so ya my P day got all changed up cause im an office elder  and i work regular office hours. So i have saturdays off. Dope huh. well i think its pretty sick. So anyways im glad to have a change of scenery even though i really did like severny. by the way severny in russian just means ( north ) so i was serving in north rostov branch. so ya that was a blast. you can actually find all the branch buildings here in my mission if you go to and go to quick links and look up meeting house locator and just type in rostov na donu russia and it will pull up the city and it will highlight the buildings. pretty cool huh :) haha. so you can kinda see what its like if you want.
Ya but this week i have been doing nothing but reports on the computer. and it is not too much fun. wow . i have been dealing with presidents debit cards. And figuring out where the money has gone. We use his card for everything from giving money to branches to buying elders and sisters train tickets, and repairs , bills and all that good stuff. so i have been tracking all of it. haha. crazy crazy. but i think i about got it licked . Hopefully. and after my monthly reports are finished ill be able to relax a bit and my job will be easy. the other stuff is do reimbursements to elders cards, and do some basic accounting stuff for our office. not too bad. thank goodness i took accounting in high school.haha i thought i would never say that hhaha. wow.
ya but also this week we inherited a investigator Irina. she is a sweet lady and she has had a baptismal date before but she is cought up on some stuff. and we took her to a baptism yesterday. (which ill talk ab out in a sec) but she enjoyed it and she said she would come to family night monday. we will call her and ask her to come to church tonight. so ya she is cool. but sergey met with the sisters and they say that he is weird and they wont meet with him. so that ticked me off cause the sisters will only teach ladies. SISTERS ARE BLISTERS!!! Gosh dang they are so .......... well you know what i want to say. so im going to try ad have sergey meet with us in center rostov. that will be better.
but the baptism was an almost wreck!!! wowit was a baptism for the elders in novercherkask. its outside the city about an hour. but they called me and asked me to fill up the font. so did. And it takes about 3 hrs to fill. so i went back to the office. then at lunch time elder anderson who is oon splits with us right now cause his companion is in helsinki getting his visa. got sick. so the aps werestuck with him at home. then the aps asked if we could stay with him for a while so they could visit a member and do service. so they left but i told them to check the water before. so they called me 15 min later and told me that the water was dark GREEN!! weird huh! it was nasty so they drained it and started it again. but i told them to come take elder anderson cause we had investigators coming to the baptism so they said they would come back 30 min early. so ya after their service they didnt come back and the baptism started at 6 and it was 5 45. so we took elder anderson with us sick or not and got to the baptism 15 min late. grrrr. then when i got there president nechiperov was way mad cause the baptismal viewing door was locked and the aps had my keys. then to add to the frustration the water boiler broke and started flooding the boiler room. so it was a complete mess!!!!!! but i called the aps and they ran over and game my keys back. those terds. i was so mad at them. but then i opened the font and everything was fine. and the boiler got stopped. and the water was somewhat normal colored so the baptism happened. but then after president got mad at me and my comp for not planning out the baptism better. which frustrated me cause it wasnt my baptism. i was just supposed to turn the water on for the novercerkask elders. so i was ticked but i took the butt whipping and didnt say a word. wow i was mad. but oh well. everything turned out alright. but now thinking about it i realize that satin was just working on everyone way hard trying to stop the baptism. but i guess satin is dumb and we did it anyways. HA~!  hahah anyways everything turned out alright. thats all that matters.
so there you go. my very very very crazy week. wow haha wa way crazy.
but i attached some pics .
 one is of sergey. he is the dude with the brown hair.
the bald dude is our branch 1st counselor
and the family is my fav fam in our branch. i switched ties with their son. cause he needed a new tie. so i am wearing his and i have no idea why but his mom has it .hhaha oh well. buthey  im out of here so have a good one!!1 peace!!
love me elder wright.

the pimp dizzle

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hey guys!

well shoot sorry it took me so long to write you back but i found some time to write. hahah well shoot.!
This week has been great. Well its been really hard cause i got a new calling. Ill be serving the president in his office as his financial secretary. Crazy huh! seriously. i never ever ever ever thought i would be doing that. but thats ok with me cause it gets me out of the hot sun :) haha. but president was pretty excited to tell me. we usually dont get transfer calls till the friday begore transfers and he couldnt wait so he called me on the tuesday before haha. so funny huh. But ya it was great. But today we had the funnest p day ever! president invited us all over to have a water fight!!! tight huh!!! so i made a huge bucket and colored it with my sharpies red and it had a huge skull and cross bones with fire all around it. it was awesome cause everyone else just brought water bottles with a hole poked in the top and here came elder wright with a huge bucket of water haha it was great. so i singled out the sisters. i told them there was no mercy where i come from. haha. it was fun and i got singled out of course and i ended up the most wet. haha but we had a great time and it felt so good!!! i havent been drenched like that since the last time we went to the lake. so it was a good feeling. especially since it has been so hot. definately the high-light of the week.\
alright well sergey is a champ. he didnt make it to church this week cause he was on vacation. :( but thats alright. he has made it twice and he needs to come three times to be baptised. but the sucky thing of the deal is that i am being transfered!!! poooooop!!!!!! seriously but my are from severny is only 40 minutes away. and he works in my area so i will still probably teach him. cool huh. so we will see how it works out. im really woried about it though cause sister missionaries are moving into our area and as we all know sisters are blisters and they kinda air heads. so im really really really worried about it cause i love this area and im sad to leave. but it will be all good.
but today i got stuck doing money reports for president. wow that was a headache cause he is missing ten thousand rubles somewhere. its like 28 rubles to a dollar so its around 300 bucks. so ya now i have to find it . greatt!!!!!!!! haha but they need me in there cause the financial seceretary is a dork and he needs a butt kicking. so i am needed in the office. i had to clean up his junk all day. that was a project. so i have alot on my hands to do.
but the hardest day this week was sunday. it was very emotional cause i had to say goodbye to all my new friends. i got some pictures with them and i will have to show you guys. but ya it was hard and they asked me to bear my testimony and my comp told me to cry so we could see the whole branch cry. but,....... alas im made of steal and i did not cry. even though i felt all mushy and gooshy inside. gee i have been here for 4 months. so it was hard to say goodbye. but we did have some member meetings to say goodbye to. and i gave one of my favorite ties to a decon in our branch. the only one we have. and so i traded him ties. so now he will always remember the sexy missionary who gave him a sick blue paisly tie! and hopefully he remembers my name to. but he needed the tie more than i do. so ya he is a stud. ill send you the pictures.
shoot my family and friends. I love you all. be safe..... well kinda cause if your too safe your boring and everyone makes fun of you. jk hahah.
just as always fast and take chances................
love elder wright.!!!!
p.s mom i got your dear elder package!!1 thanks!!! LOVE YOU>
love big D