Monday, November 21, 2011


Well what up everyone.
Life in sochi is pretty bomb right now. I finally got over the flu, but i still have a weird cough but thats alright, i can handle that one. So this week was pretty bomb 2 of my investigators were baptized.! David from rostov and Nika from here in sochi! So bomb! You couldnt ask for a better day on the mission. They were both baptized on Sunday the 20th. Nika was baptized in the Black sea, and David was baptised in Rostov's b font. so it was awesome!!! So david is the son of Irina the lady i baptized in October. So we got a family into the church :) how awesome is that. Im way excited for that one. And im even more excited cause president said if we baptize a family he will have sister Nehiperova make cheese cake for the elders who baptized them :) so i totally get cheese cake! hahha :) oh so we did have some problems at the baptism. There was a drunk worker wandering around yelling at us telling us to leave or else he would call the cops. He was drunk and retarded so we just ignored him, and finally he left us alone, but before he left us alone the little kid named Bagdan, who was with us, went up to him and flipped the dude off!!! Hahaa he is like 4 years old! How funny is that! hahaa ;) ya it was awesome. I laughed so hard I about peed my pants haha. But everything turned out just fine and Bagdan lived through the experience. haha. We had zone conference this week so i traveled up to Krasnodar again. I was there for 2 days. And the train ride sucks going there. And it takes 6 hours each way, so its pretty annoying. But conference was good and i got your package! It got there so fast, i recieved it 15 days after being sent. so that was pretty cool :) then we got back and had the baptism and the senior couple from Krasnodar came down to Sochi with us to visit the branch. We took them around Sochi and showed them the cool things to see :) and they took us out to dinner for Thanksgiving cause i guess the area presidency exnayed thanksgiving this year. gay huh!!! But oh well, ho0llidays on the mission are lame anyways. So me and my comp will go out and eat this thursday :) haha but ya everything went well this week. the sun came out and it was warm. City day was yesterday for Sochi, and they had fireworks going off for like 5 hours right  over our apartment. We live right in the middle of town. Way expensive but way cool. So we watched fireworks outside our window on the scaffolding, cause they are doing reconstruction on our apartment building for the olympics. Like everywhere. So that was fun. But all in all life is good. Im enjoying the mission and all that jazz. It sure is tough though, i never thought a mission would be so hard!!! More mentally difficult than anything for sure, its pretty crazy thats for sure. But all in all its alright. Elder Nancollas is coming home Wednesday! so Robin best be going to chill with him soon. He is a stud. So ya go to his welcome home if you can. He will get ahold of Robin and tell her when it is. Anyways, i love you guys. I have to get going. I love you tons. Dont die. 

Drive fast and take chances.

love me.

Elder wright.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hey so i got to the church and had some extra time and i wanted to write you a little better than i did last time. So this week was good. Except :) i got sick. I have been sick for the past couple days and its not too cool. But im starting to feel better , its just a dang cold but its still way annoying ya know. Well shoot so i havent really done much this week other than the elders quorrum party that we had. It was pretty good cause we had barbeque and a ton of onions. Wow that was kinda rank. But they made me eat plain onions cause im in russia and techinally they say im trying to speak russian so i have to act like one too. So they made me eat 3 of them. And after 3 onions i still hate raw onions. hahha pretty funny though. And the other funny thing of the week was after church. Well we have a little devil kid in our branch. Every ward and branch has one. But he is worse than all of them! Right when i walked into the church sunday he came up and tried to sock me a good one where it counts. Little fart. Luckily i faught him off before he laid a good one on me. But then while i was hanging up my coat he tried high kicking me. Kinda like Robin does in the morning when you try to take her socks off. But obviously i have plenty of practice runnning away from Robins high kicks so this little farts was pretty easy to see coming. So i grabbed his foot in mid air and made him do the splits. haha then i let go and he fell over fake crying trying to get me in trouble. hahha made me feel so good to make a 6 year old cry haha. but thats not the worst. after his church his grandpa is the one that brings him anyways after church his grandpa asks us to watch him for 15 minutes while he talked with the branch president. You should have seen my face. I was trying to avoid watching this kid like someone trying to avoid a gas chamber. ya so we got stuck with the little tyqe. I just call him little devil. So we were watching the devil for like an hour and during the whole time little devil is jumping on the pulpit screaming throwing books and making forts out of the chairs. He is nuts!@!!! I wanted to give the kid a scottish blessing but i thought better of it. Ya so we started playing tricks on him. We did this for like a half hour, way fun haha well it was for us atleast. Ya so that was pretty nuts, hopefully this kid grows up and is normal im kinda worried for him. Ya then after that we went home and i slept. Being sick isnt fun!! Especially when mom is on the other side of the world!!! Missions sure do make you appreciate your mom :) ya well other than those two things, not much happend. we had the zone leaders over from krasnodar- that was lame. They aren't any fun at all. It seems like everyone down here in the south zone are lame. So zone conference is going to be lame. so is christmas. But thats alright i have a good companion. His name is Elder Reinguard he is Ukranian and he is from a place called alsdkjl;aksdl;fkslkdjflkas;ldk ya. I totally forgot how to spell it. But it is pretty hard to spell something that you forgot hahha :) oh ya simferopol. He says its pretty sick. Anyways he is really cool. He is the exact same height as me, so we look pretty big walking down the street side by side. Not too many punk teenagers mess with us. Which is nice cause usually if you have a small companion they pick on ya alot more. They usually just sit on park benches and read your name tags and make fun of your names. So I came up with a good way to get back at them. After they say "oh its elder wright what a retard." of course they are making fun of ya. So i usually just walk closer to them and say " Good job man, you can actually read" Then they try and throw something back at ya but usually you are already walking away. hahah they are so stupid. They dont have anything better to do than drink smoke and sit on park benches trying to make themselves feel better by making fun of everyone. Kinda sad to think that they will stay like that their whole lives though. dangit. oh well, so ya thats that. Ya but usually people are pretty nice to ya. Well i think so,..... usually they just wont talk to you so you just assume that they are nice people haha. Got to love it. But anyways this week has been pretty hard on me. Ive been pretty trunky . not cool at all. But Elder Nancollas is coming home next week. And i was supposed to be going home with him. But i kinda messed that one up. Didnt i haha. oh well. but freak he is going home!!! I think thats why president sent me as far away from the office as possible. So i wouldnt be the one sending him home. He talked to me about it for a while before i left the office, and im kinda glad he got me out of the office but still. I wasnt ready to leave. Especially when your 2nd investigator is getting baptised. ya oh well. But whatever spit in one hand and want in the other. what can you do. Well shoot i better get going. My comp is giving me the stink eye. well i love you all. Dont die please.

Someone send me some mail :)

love you alll

Elder Wright.

Elder Big D Wright

Monday, November 7, 2011

Why does everything in Russia smell like onions?!‏

Seriously though! Why does it all smell like onions haha. JK JK no but for real i was just walkin around and it smelled just like onions! It made me laugh cause i knew that i was going to tell youthat the first sentence in my letter home :) haha. Well shoot anyways im kickin it in Sochi with myew companion and we are having a blast. We went down to the beach today and took some piccs and threw some rocks in the water to make all the fisherman mad haha. they were pretty ticked. But we have had some fun already. And we have a baptism this sunday. And the cool thing about everything is that she wants to be baptised in the sea. So ya thats what were doing and were going to pick out a place tomorrow with a member. so its going to be waycool and im way exxxxxcited. it will be sweet. So anyway, we left rostov wednesday night and we rode a train down to krasnodar. The first area i served in when i came to russia the first time. It was really weird going there. I had some mixed feelings walking into the train station. It was way funky ill tell ya. But im over it now. Then we spent the night in Kransodar with the elders there. Then we got up at 4 30 and caught our train and we got to sochi around noon and got to the apartment and dumped off my bags and went to get my butt registered in sochi. Which is kinda scary cause we have church members do all the legal stuff since we dont speak russian perfectly. And the register here in sochi is 83. hha and he only has one good eye so a 83 year old dude is running around with my passport for a couple days. hahaha. THat would be way funny if something happend then i would get sent out to moscow to the embassy for  while. haha. that would be sweet. Well shoot then thursday i met with the girl who is getting baptised. SHe is 25 and she is awesome. She is going to be a great member and im glad she is getting dunked.  She will be the first baptism here in sochi in 4 years. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy huh! ya thats a way long time. hopefully we will find some more people down here. There are currently 3 investigators that have some potential. So hopefully everything goes well with that. ill have to tell you about that later though. alright then friday we had some meetings with some other investigators that i dont remember their names. but they were pretty cool. but then sunday we had church of course and its a small branch. i counted a whole whopping 19 people at church. it was pretty wussy not going to lie. especially when there are 150 members here in sochi!!!!! so we have our work cut out for us here in sochi. since everyone here is travelers we dont really teach on the street. So we are stuck with finding members. its not bad at all but its just annoying sometimes. But ya after church we had a member meeting . And we got there and the members house was literally not lying to you 10 feet by 20 ft. It was tiny but she said its just a apartment they rent in the winter time. i guess they live in rostov, but she is an amazing piano player! She playes professionally for the ballet. Cool eh? ya and she is making me sing in church. but at least she is letting me pick what im singing. ill be singing abide with me tis even tide. the dopest hymn out there. :) its my fav. ya anyways but we were at her house and she fed us. well more like she shoveled food in our mouths with a pitch fork!!!! There was so much food that it was redculous!!!! haha i felt so sick afterwards. aklsjd;flajsdlf;kajlfjsl it was really tastey but it wasnt good after the 4th or fith bowl!!!  wow. They think the missionaries starve or something i swear. but it was way nice. Im pretty sure the people that help the missionaries are getting blessings dumped on them :) So it was way nice of her. But then today we walked around sochi taking pics and messing around. This place is so amazing!!!! Its so pretty i have  never seen anything like it. If anyone wants to come to russia and be in the tropics this is the place to go. No wonder the olympic commitee picked this place! its amazing! wow. Well anyways ill attach some pics and all that good stuff. so ya today after this we are going to chill at home and write some letters. ya so thats the crazy first week in sochi. Hopefully there will be a ton more.!!! President must like me to have sent me down here.:) anyways i love you all. i best be getting gone. :)

Love you all

Drive fast and take chances

Elder Big D Wright

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hey guys

Well shoot this week was pretty lame! Jk it was actually really cool :) we had a lot of fun and we did alot of stuff! My comp and i went to the big market and bought some winter gear. Its starting to get pretty old around here so we bought some gloves and hats and stuff. haha my comp bout a huge shapka. the big russian hats. haha. dont worry ill get some for everyone before i get back. haha its pretty funny though. its huge. haha. but ya thats what we did last pday. k so let me run through our week for ya since it was rediculous. k monday we went to the market and spent all day out there. then had family night and did that. Tuesday president asked us to take sister price. (the lady in the office) to the huge mall an hour away and keep her safe and translate for her all day. so we partied at a mall all day!!! ahah it was the bomb. we went into a furniture store and tried out all the couches. it was the bomb then she bought us all ice cream haha. Felt like America in there. But that was dope and in the mall there was a legos shop and they have a huge Russian Stacking doll life size made out of legos! so dope ill attach it t the end of the email. I bet sam will like it haha. what a nerd :) Then Wednesday we had 2 meeting. one with Irina our last baptism and her son David he is getting baptised the 19th. That was good then we went back to my old area severny and had a family night with my favorite family there the Semenenkos. They are so cool So that day was bomb. Then We got a call that night and found out that another senior couple was coming up from krasnodar so that they could get all winterized. So we  were told we would be translators again for the next day. So Thursday we went to subway :) then went to the market and bought i swear a million things which is embarrasing here. It was just really funny cause we have the only good market place. So when sister potter. (the couple that came up from krasnodar) saw the market she turns to all of us and yells! YYEEEASSSSS ITS MY TIME TO GO SHOPPING!!! haha just imagine a shopoholic woman kept from a market/mall for 7 months. haha ya well thats her so we went nuts. i bet they spent 500 bucks haha. it was crazy and we got tons of funny looks from everyone there. It was pretty cool though. Then after that they made us dinner for helping them all day. Then Friday,l yesterday we had a halloween party with the branches here in Rostov. that was thebomb!! haha ill attach some pics from the party. But i was in charge of musical chairs. so i got on the computer and downloaded some BOSTON!!1 haha we played musical chairs to the song SMOKIN!!! it was a stinking RIOT!!! it wa soooooo fun hahah it made want to listen to old school rock all day.!!! so bomb. we did that had a talent show i did nothing haha. then we had bobbing for apples, cookie makeing, doughnut eating and running around having a blast. haha i gave vampire teeth out to the little girls in the branches and i got a pic with them. Ill attacht that too. it was a blast. haha im sure going to miss Rostov. So here next week im getting shipped down to Sochi. Thats a 11 hour train ride south. THats like driving to california!!! gee its a long ways away from Rostov. I could die and no one would know about it.! but thats kinda cool too i guess :) haha ya so ill be at the black sea pimping it up doing my thing with my dope native companion. His name is Elder Reingard. He is the bomb. so ya Ill definately take some pics for you. And ill visit the place where they will be holding the skiing part of the olympics and ill send you pictures. it will be cool. but ya today we are translating for a elder from the quorrum of the 70 :S!!!!! yikes. its cool to be translating for the dude but its way scary to mess up. which is a guarantee. im not a native speaker yet. yikes so im scared. but oh well it will be alright. ya there is a huge europe east are conferance her and i have to help translate with my comp. all the europe east area leaders and mission leaders will be there :S ya im scared ahhaa. oh well. so anyways that will be interesting.then tomorrow we have a leaving party for elders swallow and Nancollas at presidents house. I think thats another reason president is sending me south is to get me away from elder nancollas leaving. cause he knows we are best friends and he doesnt want my thoughts going home on the plane with nancollas. ya.... so im pretty bumed. but on the other hand im going to sochi. so ya thats the bomb :) ya shoot well thats about it. i wrote alot today.. my bad. anyways i love you all. have fun be safe dont die. :)
love you
Elder wright.
first one is the district here in rostov haha we have a good time.
The next is me and all the pimary girls in rostov. The one on the left asked me to baptise her when she turns 8. But thats in 2 years so ya. she is still pretty mad at me... yikes.... haha
The next is the dopest dudes in rostov getting ready for a halloween party haha :)
Enjoy cause we are so good looking i should charge you guys for these pics. haha

Elder Big D Wright