Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week of trains and turmoil and letters of joy

Well where do i need to start!

I guess i will start out by saying holy smokes! I think i received 7 letters this week and 2 packages! Thank you for the Packages Gentry Brown Scott and Taylor Ugine Nancollas. You guys rock

And thanks to  Ella and Robin and all her Roommates and buddies for the stack of letters. This week was started off right haha.

Anyways like in my subject my companion and I rode trains from heck and back. Im dead serious we had to ride a 6 hr train to krasnodar to the elders apartments and from there to Rostov a 4 hr ride and we spent the night there. Then my comp had a visa trip to Ukraine. thank goodness i didnt have to go. then we boarded another train to Krasnodar and spent the night there and then back to sochi my abode. so ya we racked up the traveling hours on the train and the worst thing is that we have a zone conference to go to tomorrow in krasnodar then we come back. then i have a visa trip on the 23rd so that means i have to go back to Rostov and to ukraine!!!! its the most rediculous thing i have ever had to do on this mission. Someone please put a bullet in my head. so if i add it correctly which i probably didnt its a whole whopping 52 hrs on the train for ol' Dallin and my fearless companion. This whole thing is just a bunch of waste of church money also. but its not my decision. oh well enough for complaining.

Well today we had institute of religion and sports night. We had a good 5 people at institute and another 6 for ping pong and chess tonight. we all had a good time and we didnt kill each other, thats the good part. But i did get my butt spanked by a 60 yr old lady in ping pong. She said she was the champion in the Southern Russia region back in the day, which was a way back in the day haha. But i did beat her once out of three times. so yes, i got spanked haha. Then our investigator yura showed up and i played pingpong with him for a while and we battled it out. We had a great time and i invited him to come to the branch party on the 17th celebrating like 150 years of the relief society or something like that. And we combined our talent night in there also so ill play the guitar and try not to sound like an idiot. And my companion and i decided we are going to do a puppet show about missionary work and how we think it should work. walking up to people trying to talk to them , them saying no, us beating them up, threatening them and eventually forcing them to church. and at the end a guy is going to run up to us begging us to baptise him  and we will just sit there for a minute then laugh hysterically and walk off saying what a good joke. haha so it will be good and ill try and get all of this recorded. So Yura will come and we will have a good time.

But ya tomorrow we leave for zone conference, i guess a guy from the area presidency is coming. So hopefully i dont get sent home haha. And President Nechiporov will be coming to our branch this sunday. this whole week has been so stressful trying to get everything ready for all of the big dogs coming down. Geeze. but oh well but i kinda feel bad cause we have been having the worst of luck with missionary work down here so it seems like we have just been sitting down here in the best weather of the mission picking our noses. oops. But oh well.

But while i was in Rostov this week i called Irina up. the lady i baptized. I guess she broke her leg slipping on the ice and she has been in and out of the hospital all month. :S so i talked to her for about an hour and cheered her up. She is such a sweet lady and it made me really sad that i couldnt go visit her. its pretty weird how you can love people you only have known for a couple months. She pretty much feels like family to me and it was sad to hear about her predicament. Hopefully ill be able to go see her soon.

Anyways i better get going. i wrote enough to last you for a month of reading. ill send you pictures and all that good stuff next week hopefully.

Well i love you all
Dont die.

Love me Elder Big D
Elder Big D Wright

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