Monday, June 25, 2012

This first one is the view on the street on bolshaya sodovaya where our mission office is located. its a pretty sick city not going to lie.
The second is where i live right now. The old piece of poo building off to the left but it is a cool picture anyways :) 
UHHHH :) i meant the old poo building off to the right :)
Elder Big D Wright

Well shoot another week has come and gone and time is flying by. This week was good and we had lots of stuff to do before next week. Well first off Angellica my investigator is awesome and we had a meeting with her at a members house on friday and she is sooooooo ready to be baptised. But her husband is not letting her. So we are just going to finish teaching her the rest of the lessons and see what happens. Its just frustrating cause here we cant baptize someones wife without the consent of the husband. So were in a tight spot.  But she is doing well and she came with her son to church yesterday. her son is matfey and he is 4 years old and he went to primary for the first time and absolutely loved it. So all the blocks are falling into place for angellica except her husband. But he wont even meet us to see if he likes us or not so ya. I dont know what to do about him. We will see. We also have been visiting a old lady in our branch that has cancer and she wants to go to the temple way bad but she cant cause she is going through chemo therapy right now and she is week. But she cant get a recommend because she hasnt been paying tithing and she hasn't been coming to church for obvious reasons. So we arranged a ride for her to church yesterday with the mission driver and we picked her up and when she got there everyone was crying, gave her hugs and kisses and it was really nice to see how much the branch cares for the members here. It was a good experience to see. So she payed her tithing and came to church so she will get a ride with the mission driver 1-2 times a month and pay her tithing and she will get her recommend soon :) that was the success story of the week. ha. her name is galeena and she is the sweetest babooska you can ever meet. she is a sweet heart. This week we also had the zl's over and i was split with elder mantell  our local British chap. We had fun and we did allot of good together, but while i was on the split i realized i have been the oldest missionary here in our mission for ever! all the way back since march. so that was a weird epiphany. So soon enough i will be dead and be heading back to the states. whoo whoo. haha :) dont worry im not trunky just yet. Anyways this week was good and we did lots of good stuff. But the second coolest part of the week was that i convinced our land lady to buy us a air conditioner :) :) so on wednesday i will be chilling in a air conditioned apartment :) haha thank goodness cause i thought i was about to die!!!!!!! GEEEZE. anyways but im still alive and doing well. p.s i got the kids letter the other day and i laughed for about an hour reading and looking at all the pictures. i swear our kids are on drugs. anyways i hope everyone has a good week. tell super sammy to do a back whip for me. and tell mom her whips are shiny. haha anyways i love you allpeace.Elder Big D-- Elder Big D Wright

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