Monday, April 18, 2011

You know your in Russia when you get pooped on by a stupid pidgeon

Well howdy doo from Russia. Or should i say from Russia with love haha. ya so anyways this week was crazy!! Well shoot where should i start. well i guess ill start by saying that i hate pidgeons and i will throw more than just old grapefruits at them when they get close to me haha. Stupid things. Ya but anyways life in the cold wet Russia. It has rained at least once or twice a day and when in rains... it rains hard  so ya . We yet again had a river going through our street. haha luckily no more dead people. Just a bunch of drunks. But my compainion went on his Visa trip so i was on splits with elder Winger. He is serving in rostov too. hah we had a blast together. He even brought his pokemon cards and taught me how to play bahahah. so funny. oh ya something really funny i have two drunk dudes passed out sitting next to me right now and i took a pic of them haha. looks like they have been here for a long time haha. i attached a picture so you can see how funny it is haha. but ya so this week was good. We have an investigator named ievgheni. we had a bomb lesson with him and i was pretty stoked cause my russian is coming back and i am understanding more and more. But our lesson was awesome we first started to watch the testaments and i looked over halfway through and the dude was asleep!! i was ticked so i nudged him with an elbow. But then the cool stuff started happening in the movie. well all the fire and destruction stuff then he started to pay attention. But at the end where christ appears he started sniffing and getting all teary eyed. i was so glad cause the whole time i was praying like crazy for him to feel the spirit and i guess he did :) so then we bore hard core testimony about christ and how he will com again and it was just a rad lesson. But other than that we had no lessons at all this week. just the normal crazy lady on the street kinda stuff. But we did have family night at a members house which was sick cause we played uno and had treats haha. ill send more pic next week. Well shoot i love you guys! miss you but not that much cause sam stinks and talks like a crazy person and someon needs to wake up robin by stealing her socks for me haha just be quick about it cause she has a swinging foot of death!!!!! aka high kick to the face hahha. anyways got to run. im headed to presidents house for pday.  love you guys peae c out home dawgs
love elder big d

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  1. Oh my goodness I can't even tell you how much I love this haha!
    Is Dallin going to be reading this? Should I watch what I write lol jk!
    And...kudos' to Rachie and Robin on the Blog! Love it girls, Love it!