Monday, May 2, 2011


well shoot where do i begin!!!! well i guess i can start with whats up home dawgs haha.
 well this week was kinda sweet and sucked at the same time. i had the best day i have had on a mission and then i have also had the worst day of the mission so far. it was pretty crazy. Well lets start with the bad then we can end on the good haha :) well shoot i guesst the bad couple days have just been slow. its raining here and no one will talk to you on the street and no one will open doors for you. but thats normal. its just that the people have been cussing and swearing at me. and it makes me really mad cause i dont take stuff like that well. I even got flipped off by a mentally challenged person.!!!!!????? how does that happen!!! haha but then i walked off and kinda thought about it and its kinda really funny haha. but ya that was that and just the days have been going way slow when no one talks to you and it doesnt help when your walking in mud and muck and getting rained on. so pretty much my bad days have been like ones in the movies haha. But i also had two rockin days!! We walked out side firsht thing in the morning and we got like five numbers !! I have only recieved four numbers this whole transfer and we got five in one mornign. holy smokes. it was nuts then we actually had two lessons from knocking in the poor parts of town. the peopple were really nice and they liked hearing what we had to say. so we will be calling them back soon. But ya then the next day was pretty much the same story. so ya those days were awesome and they flew by!!! so i hope the rest of my mission goes like that. but ya everything has been going well. i made bourshe soup yesterday with my comp. it was way good!! ill have to tell you the ingredients so you guys can make it.
here you go
you guys better make this because i had to almost break an babushkas leg to get it hahah jk
alright you need these items.
one medium sized cabbage
two beets
two carrots
five good potatoes.
two onions
salt and pepper. add for taste
in a frying pan cook ground beef and get it cooked . then cut up onions and fry till lightly browned. the trick is to use tons of oil, then grade the carrots and throw them in with the onions let them fry for a bit till soft. then throw in as much dill and parsley as you want. go by taste.
in a big pot start boiling watter. after boiling throw potatoes in. they should be diced into 1 by 1 cubes. smaller is better. and let the potatoes cook till almost finished then put chicken in also diced to the same dimentions. after chicken is finished cut up your cabbage and put it in the pot to boil and throw in all the other stuff from the frying pan . put the grease in there too!!! then grade the red beats and throw them in there and thats what makes it all go red. after finished serve hot and put sour cream in your personal bowl and eat with bread and there you go. thats the babushies way to do it haha. just go by taste. 
haha but shoot i hope you like it. but ya thats i hope everyones week was good mine was mixed but all in all it was way good. we have lots of numbers to call .... well at least a couple and i have been having fun out here. its all rainy and cloudy but it will all clean up and be sunny in a couple days. thanks for alll the emails ilove them. they help lift me up every week. especially a week like this one.
love you guys
love elder big d

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