Friday, May 18, 2012

Well what up?!

Hey guys :)
So nothin much is going on here just sitting here on p day writing you. Skype was awsome yesterday and im glad i was able to see everyone! ahhh yeahh! haha anyways it was a good time and im glad to see that Sam is as ugly as ever :) haha  well on a different note this week was pretty alright, not very effective but it was alright. We had the 9th of may going on and its a huge party for all of Russia for the end of WWII so it was pretty nuts cause they are all into that stuff and they partied all week long so it was hard to do anything. But ill attach some pics for you guys to check out. But this week litteraly nothing happened haha :) except we had a investigator at church this week and we are meeting with her thursday to give her a baptismal commitment, so that will be sick.
 Well i was talking to the office elders about what cory said about someone from the mission going to stay with him, and they said that plans were changed and it was supposed to be the office elders staying with cory. The hotel at the finland temple was full so they were going to stay with cory for a while but i guess they found a different way to do everything. dang eh? oh well.  But anyways im finding it hard to write you guys cause we already talked yesterday haha. And nothing happened this week really, so ill send you another email full of pictures to explain the week i guess. :) i have a bunch for you and i think Dad will enjoy the millitary vehicle pics more than anyone haha :) Well i sure love all of you guys and i miss you. Go hit the lake for me and take daphne out for a spin. :)
love you guys
peace love me.
Elder Big D Wright

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