Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Well hello from the mother land!
So today is Victory day here in Russia! Its the day the Russians celebrate the end of the 2nd World War. And today they are throwing a nation wide party and im going to go watch it haha :) President N even said to go so we are going to go party with the russians today :) there is going to be a huge war parade with soldiers and tanks and Missile trucks and just plain missiles on trucks haha ;) so cool so cool and im going to go see it all! so bomb! Anyways thats why our P day was changed to today because we wouldnt be able to work at all today anyways, so we get to party instead of work ahhhh yeahh. So ill get some cool pics this week and send them too you. so this week was pretty lame, lots of angry people were on the street and they all yelled and threatened us all week long, it wasnt a very fun week ill just say that. But we didnt have too many problems just drunks and agry people trying to pick fights with the two americans, and it doesnt help that my companion is way tall and about as nerdy as a guy can get so we get picked out of the crowd and its pretty bad. But its ok im over it. Im still alive so thats what matters i guess :) But this last week the whole city was preparing for the big party so everyone was cleaning the streets getting the old communist flags out, planting flowers and buying lots and lots of food and beer haha :) Its going to be awesome. And because of all this partying and getting ready our work week was crap and we didnt get anything done but we did have zone conference and that was good. It was President Nechiporov's last zone conf with us and it was kinda weird cause he didnt talk much and he just sat there the whole time kinda looking depressed. So i think he is pretty sad about the whole thing, its really weird to have him leaving. But he needs to go home and take a break haha i think 3 years as a mission president would suck. ya suck. anyways nothing else has been happening really except i tought my comp how to do tin foil dinners haha. When he cooks he uses about 2 bottles of ketchup in the food and it makes me sick so i will be teaching him how to make chilli and spaghetti without all the ketchup. haha its pretty nasty .
Well the cool story of the week is awesome! So last week we gave a blessing to a crippled man who had a stroke and it messed him up way bad. he comes to church every week and he ca n barely walk so is a stud and an example for all of the members here. he shows them that no one  has an excuse not going to church. and he wanted to bear his testimony in sacrament meeting but he cant cause he cant speak very well since his stroke. so he asked for a blessing from my comp and I and i gave the blessing and told him his thoughts and mouth would work according to the will of the lord and guess what. This last sunday he came in a white shirt and tie and passsed the sacrament and he bore his testimony. It was the most awesome thing in the world. he stood up limped to the front of the podium and he bore his testimony more easier than i can. His words came out in perfect order and he didnt even stutter once. It was like he had never had a stroke. it was amazing and it was a huge testimony builder that the lord loves us and he is willing to help us com unto him and do what we need to do to help our friends families and our loved ones. everyone was teary eyed after that and it was awesome :) big smiles :)
well that was it for this week i hope you enjoyed it and i hope you like the pics :)
love you all
Love me Elder Big D
Elder Big D Wright

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