Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hey well another week has flow by. The mission is good and is treating me well. I got over my flu bug and now im back in the office burning up the keyboards like a good office missionary haha. lame, but oh well what can a guy do?. So everything has settled down and not much has been happening since the baptism. Life is back to normal except for zone conference on thursday. that was alright. the best part about it was good food for lunch. Sister Nechiporova made mashed potatoes and Meat loaf. way good. And since i was sick she gave me and my comp the extras to take home. SCORE! haha that was nice cause we dont cook that good at all. haha. we are on a meager diet of missionary 5 second meals haha. Which isnt horrible but isnt amazing either. :) but oh well. And while on the street the other day a subway worker was on the streets handing out ads and she gave me and my comp a handful of 50% off of the menu ads so we went to subway and drank MT DEW!!haha  that was the bomb. Mt. Dew is a sign from God that he exists and that he loves us. I think the first presidency should come out with that statement and make it scripture :) So all in all you can tell how the experience was :) But other than that we have been working with Irina which she is doing good. She went to conference and she loves President Monsen. She said she laughed way hard when he first spoke. President monsen is the bomb! what a stud. Anyways conferece was great. Us missionaries had to watch it on a laptop in the office and stream it from online. but that alright it still turned out good. On sunday we ended up watching conference for 6 hours in a row with conference and priesthood session. wow that was a long time. but it was good and Elder Holland threw down the hammer! Holy smokes! haha what a stud. If you didnt listen to that one you need to . cause it was way good. Well shoot im glad i got to see conference finally.
well i guess im about through with writing.  there isnt much to tell you about me. cause nothing is new. haha. Well shoot im outta here.
Love you tons.
Drive fast and take chances.

Elder Big D Wright

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