Saturday, October 1, 2011


well im not going to write much at all. cause ....... uh i dont know. i guess there isnt much to tell.. Irina is getting baptised today at six. My comp and i went and cleaned the baptismal font last night . we scrubed and scrubed the sucker white hahah. it was gross. but it looks good now. Well the weather is getting way cold and we are almost ready to wear coats. which by the way i bought my winter coat. I now look like Russian mafia. ill have to send you a pic next week. Ya but its pretty sick! hahah . Me and my comp are doing well. Contacting isnt working anymore on the steets. we contacted yesterday for 3 hours and litterally talked to 1 person. No one would even stop and talk to us. pretty funny i guess. but i have had worse days than that. The office is going good. I have to do monthly reports monday :s not looking forward to that but thats ok. transfers arnt till the first of November so i think my companion is leaving the office and ill be taking his spot as executive secretary. which will be crazy :s uggh. but oh well. hopefully i make it through the winter in the office that would be dope. Ya but today we are going to be busy getting ready for the baptism. Crazy cool that she is getting baptized. many long hours of preparing her for this step is finally coming to a close :) way dope. hopefully everything is going to go well. Oh ya there is going to be two babtisms today. anoter set of elders have a baptism as well. so that will be cool to have two in the same day :) well shoot im not too sure what else to tell you guys. Thanks for all the emails and thanks for all the loves and letters. :) they are what keeps a missionary going! seriously. you guys are the bomb. tell kyle congrats and good luck! tell him to take lots of mt. dew into the mtc. that stuff is gold in there. hahah :) me and him will be alot closer here in february:) that is so sick Bancock are you serious hahah! thats awesome.! tell him congrats. tell him not to get stomach worms haha. k sweet im outta here. love all of you. dont die or anything.
Drive fast and take chances. Except Robin.
If you dont know why you should text her and find out why hahah :)
love all of you
Elder Big D Wright

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