Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey, What's Up!

Alright well this week was a bitter sweet week huh? ya well Im sure glad that our family is in the church thats what i have to say. I guess i didnt really realize how dope our family is cause we all go to church every week. We all have callings of some sort and we all know the one thing that matters most. God loves the smokes out of us! Thats why he gave us all the chances in the world to progress be happy and in the end party it up with him in his house. haha im so thankful for you guys being good and staying in the church. you are the best family in the world. lets all try a little harder to be better so we can see Angel Grandma again :) Im pretty sure her spirit is around us all the time. Dont you love that!? Now since we have her (the big guns) im pretty sure were all going to make it back. :) What a wonderful lady. I love her so much. But now she's with Grandpa and thats awesome:)
Well this week was pretty good until two days ago. transfers are coming up and guess what. Im getting transfered out of the office. I guess i was just way to good for the office. haha no jk. But they are kicking me out and throwin me out to Sochi. haha!!!! ahhhh yeeahh. Sochi is a tight place but i wasnt ready to leave Rostov. ESPECIALLY cause my comp and I set another baptismal date last night with our investigator David. He is Irinas (the one that just got baptised) kid. He is 19 and he is the bomb. So he is getting baptised the 19th of November. Too bad ill be long gone by then. :( but oh well it will be alright. He still counts as a baptism for me :) he is so cool. We are taking him to the market today so i can go buy a shapka!! one of those russian hats haha. So ya thats what im going to be doing today. He is way cool and he is getting really close to being ready to be baptised. but not just yet. so im way excited for that.
Ya but so ill be heading to sochi at the begining of next month. President changed my transfer the day he told me. Originally i was goiing to still be in the office but then he decided i was cool and that he liked me and sent me to the warmest place in the mission for the winter :) haha president is the bomb. He is hooking me up way hard core with sochi. it is the place to be here in our mission so im stoked for it. Ya so thats the big news for this week and all that good stuff. Thanks for all the b day wishes.! President called me on my b day and sang to me with his wife and daughter. Not the best song i have ever heard but it was way cool that they remembered. Well he better remember cause me and sister nechipirova share the same bday cool huh :P ya anyways that was fun to have the same bday with her. and sister price had me over for dinner and gave us apple pie!!! agghhhh it was the best! so ya birthday week was the bomb.
ya so this week was good. I love you guys tons. Keep up the partying. Do lots of dumb stuff. But not too dumb. 
 drive fast and take chances :)

love me

Elder Big D Wright

Check this out i made the front page of the news paper here in Rostov. The whole aticle is talking about is if we are just missionaries or are we CIA agents hahah :) And me and my comp are the face of us now haha. funny huh? And they have President Nechipirov on the next page too. haha just thought i would share that with you.

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