Monday, January 9, 2012


Yo what up family and dear friends. so thanks for all the emails and thanks for everything you guys rock!!!!!

well shoot anyways this week was nuts. We got back from zone conference just a couple days ago, that was all bomb and all that stuff but im glad to be back. In zone conference we learned a ton, so when i say that i mean kinda. haha. But it was good and im glad we had it, especially cause sister nechiporov made taco soup. THE BOMB. haha i sure miss moms cooking right about now haha. Dad always said i would and yes.... I do. yup yup yup. Anyways this last saturday we had a branch christmas party which was pretty sweet, but it was weird for me cause we have christmas on the 25th and they have theirs on the 7th of jan. way funky. But it was fun we had a ton of food and we had a ton of people there, im pretty sure there was around 40 people there so that was nice. Im glad they all showed up, at the party there was dancing games and we did a small talent show. and guess what i had to do....???? well somehow they heard a childrens song. you know ( my bonnie lies over the ocean my bonnie lies over the sea . ) ya well someone heard that and they all chanted me up untill i sang it for them. haha it was rediculous. so i sang for them and they all freaked out and theyall loved it. I never thought i would ever sing that song again, way funny but whatever. Its all good. so they had a good time. But then we had a few more people show up to church because of it, we had 28 at church and we even had a baby blessing. They asked me to stand in the circle and i had to tell them how to do it. They have never done a baby blessing before, so i had to show them how which is weird cause i have never done one either but i have seen plenty of them. The kid was so stinking cute i wanted to bring him home haha. But that was nice and it brings a different kind of spirit into the sacrament hall. That was nice. But sunday was good i had to teach priesthood, we started the new year and we are teaching out of the george a. smith teachings of the prophets book. And i was reading it and he was a stud. it was a really good chapter, he did alot in his life and if you havent read it you should. it was great. The past couple weeks i have been realizing how much better my Russian has been getting. I finally hit the point where i can pretty much understand anything in church in the street. well as long as they dont use slang. if they start using slang im a gonner. but its nice to finally understand and be able to speak like i want to. Im not perfect by anymeans but i can get around :) anyways i recieved some letters at zone conferance from the kids and from Robin. And i even got a package from uncle todd!!! how bomb is that. So thanks uncle todd  your the bomb. All the letters gave me a huge boost and now i have some energy in my step. not going to lie i was pretty much out of energy. But letters always help you realize everyone back at home loves you and are cheering you on. that helps a ton. so thanks everyone. And im pretty i laughed so hard i cried reading robins letter to me. oh my gosh her letters are the bomb. haha. so you guys will be getting letters soon. when i say soon i mean in like 2 months haha. hopefully it doesnt take that long. :) anyways i better go. I love you guys. Me and my comp are going on a tour around sochi today with a dude. It should be fun. and we are going to see Stalin's Villa.the place where Stallin chilled for the weekends. So that will be interesting. oh and so last night me and my companion whent to a members house and got lost trying to find it haha. but we got there and the member has a young grandson and they are way poor and they do so much for the missionaries so guess what we did. We took the toys that we got from christmas and we gave them to the kid. He loved them and his favorite wast he lego war robot that sam sent to me. :) He was so happy it was awesome to watch. It was definately the best part of the week. anyways wish me luck. I love you guys and miss you guys. :) peace!!!

love me. Elder Big D.

Elder Big D Wright

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