Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hey Everyone!!!!

What up!1/?? well nothing much is happenin here. Thanks everyone for the emails they are dope and they save missionaries from their madness. So thanks. :) well happy late Birtday to dad. i think he is old enough to write a will, hopefully the corvette is going to his favorite son.:) Just kidding dad. Well anyways this last week was nuts and it wasnt very productive at all, but we did some fun stuff for example. We got lost for a couple hours, we did some member hunting and also got lost hahah, were stranded home for the new years holliday craziness here in Russia, and then we are getting challenged today to a basketball showdown with some russian punks. I will destroy them. The only good russian basketball player is A. K. and he sucks now. so it should be fun haha. But really this week was pretty fun. it flew by and im pretty sure the rest of it will fly by too. Just seems like yesterday i was skyping you. That was fun not going tolie. But it made me soooooo trunky hahaha .Everyone is gettting so big!!!! oh oh oh!!! I formally congratulate uncle joe on his new found glory!!!! Congrats SEND ME PICTURES!!!!!!!  i heard it is so sick!!! anywyas we will have to call dads truck and joes truck the twin sisters. :) thats so cool. haha im so excited for it and im on the other side of the world!!!! haha. Good on ya mate!!! well shoot back to stuff. This week was pretty cool, we did find a new investigator named michael. And he was looking through family pictures and he saw a picture of Amber Martin ( one of my best friends) and he wants me to hook him up with her and invite her to sochi ahhaha . So amber if you want to come to sochi russia and get hooked up with a 70 yr old come on over hahaha. its so funny, he asked me to send a picture home even this week and he even combed his hair for it hahahhaha!!!!!! i was llaughing so so sososoososos hard. I about peed my pants. ill attach the picture so funny. But ya this week was fun we had to stay inside for new years eve and new years day. so we cleaned our "poop" apartment and we studied a little and watched some movies. so it was pretty cool i guess. and we also made me a cake for my 2 year anniversary of going to the mtc haha. funny eh? That seems like forever ago but at the same time it only seems like yesterday we whent to the mtc and dropped me off. Weird.  Ya the cake was the one mom sent me for my b day. we finally got the cake mix out and did it. And the cake was bomb! so good. so we had a good time :) new years is the biggest holliday for Russians so they go all out. it was nuts they had fireworks going on all night long. i had to turn on music to go to sleep. it sounded like a war wasgoing on outside. butit was fun. president let us stay up and welcome in the new year. so that was cool but it threw off my groove and i have been doggin it everywhere. :S but ill live.Sunday i had a talk in church. I gave a talk about the sabbath, it whent well i told everyone in the branch that they need to be better about feeding the missionaries haha :) they got a good kick out of it. Iwas dead serious about it though haha. and last night we had a lesson with a member and she fed us and we read the story about how the hymn "silent night" came to be. its actuallly a really cool story and you all should read it. Its way interesting. anywyas so this week was pretty good. And by the way for aunt laurena yes my keyboard is in russian. But there are small english letters on the keyboard also. :) so im pretty sure kyle will be fine. anyways i got to jet. my computer is telling me i have about 30 seconds to get off :) anyways i love you all next week is going to be crazy i have more trains to ride. ill pretty much be gone tilll saturday. joy. more trains. anyways love you thanks for the emails. :)

love you

Elder Big D Wright

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