Monday, January 30, 2012

I think I'm finally in RUSSIA!

Well as my subject says i think im finally in russia. Cause it finally got cold!!!!!! Not way too cold but cold for this part of Russia. so ya im typing rightnow and my fingers want to fall off.!! its cold in here.

No but this week was good, we have been finding some people and we found a cool lady on the street this week with lots of potential. Enough potential it almost scares me to teach her. so ill be getting some members on the lesson with this lady. We were on the street just sign boarding. (pretty much means we have boards about the BOM and stuff explainging what it is) So we sit on the sidewalk and use those trying to get some attention. So this lady just walked up to us and started talking to us explaining that she would like to strengthen her faith and all that good stuff. :) so ya. she is cool and we are trying to set up an appointment soon. Not going to lie time has been flying by here. its crazy how that happens. oh p.s. guess what we had the senior couple come from Krasnodar tocheck up on the branch and they brought me mail. I got all the family letters from the kids and i also recieved the christmas letters from mom and dads christmas party and Grandma Bells christmas card too. what a sweet heart. i miss grandma bell. someone go give her a big hug and kiss from me. isnt she the bomb.?!@ :) oh and i got loaded from Aunt Kristy. she sent me a candy package :) so as of now she is winning the who loves dallin more contest. haha. looks like the rest of you are going to have to steop up your game. :) jk SO THANK YOU:) you guys are the bomb. And im sure lucky to have all of you guys. No one could ask for a better family. you guys rock. Everyone go watch rachel playball for me. i wish i could go. but obviously im a couple thousand miles away. :) hahah funny how that works. anyways nothing really happend this week. just the same old stuff. nothing too ground breaking. except i lost my sd card converter so i cant send you pics until i get a new one :S dumb huh. so anyways i best be going. ilove you all. peace :)

love me. Elder Big D

Elder Big D Wright

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