Monday, April 30, 2012

Well another week gone and.... well... gone :)‏

Well shoot all my fam friends and random people that find this stuff floating around on the Internet, whats up?

well nothing much here has been happening. Im here in selmash Rostov just about 30 minutes outside of center Rostov the main mission city. Selmash has a couple Universities and tons of students running around drunk doing dumb things haha, but im pretty sure thats about the same for us in the US. :) So there are tons of young people here in selmash, and lots of them are from Africa so they are all black :) soooo coool and they are way way way way way way wayw wyawyywyywywyayywyyawyyw way nicer than the russians here, therefore i like them :). Well also my favorite part about the area is the soccer stadium here! The Rostov soccer team stadium is about 10 minutes walking distance from my house and every Thursday i can hear the roar of the crowd cheering haha :) its pretty cool but i keep a good distance between me and the soccer stadium after the games. if you dont know why just go ahead and go to YouTube and type in (soccer crowd riots) haha you will see why ahaha. but ya its funny to see cause before the game starts about 300 police officers and swat teams surround the place just in case a riot breaks out :) pretty cool to see actually haha. Well what else about my area........?........ actually my area is pretty lame not going to lie other than that, we have a good branch there are about 25-30 people that come to church every Sunday so its a pretty small branch but they have one of the nicest buildings here in our mission.we also have been meeting with a couple members and they are the bomb here. Most of our branch is actually Armenian so they all kinda look like Hispanic haha :) but they are way cooler. but nothing else too exciting. One of the few reasons i like this area is because im close to center Rostov so i can get my mail quicker haha :) the area is pretty small and the contacting loop takes about an hour and a half to get around. so we do the loop multiple times daily. of course thats no bueno but what can we do. But i am glad to be in rostov because there are lots of missionaries around so we can chill. Down in sochi i was in solitary confinement for 6 months straight. I guess president doesn't like me.  oh ya by the way i was greeting people into the branch sunday and all of a sudden President and his wife showed up and they walked in the front door and said .. surprise elder wright were here. I was like ahhh freak i hope i dont mess up the sacrament prayer haha. but sister nechiporova did give me some chocolate ahhh yeah :) well at least i know she likes me haha, but they pretty much gave their mission were going home speach and it was kinda sad. But i had a talk with him after and he is pretty trunky i think and i think its funny haha. cause he pulled me into a room and gave me the whole dont be trunky talk and i think he is telling me that cause he is reminding himself haha :) President is so awesome But i guess ill try not to get trunky. I wont though i still have a long time to go. anyways nothing much has been happening in our area. we have had a ton of lessons on the street but thats it and we got quite a few numbers as well so i really really hope we get some new investigators cause we need at leas 1000. Life is so much easier when you have investigators> cause if you have some then you dont have to walk the boiling streets of russia all day long. uggh. anyways i have to write president and all that cool stuff i love you guys tons. have a great week and ill be sure to send pictures today :) love you peace :)

love me
Elder Big D
Elder Big D Wright

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