Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whats up!!! ITS THE 4TH OF JULY!

HOLY SNOT! its the 4th! wahoo one of my most favorite hollidays! so sick!!! Its way weird being in a different country celebrating a American holliday haha. Pretty sweet! First thing we did this morning was we listened to Ray charles sweet America. You know the song off of the sand lot when they are playing underneath the fire works. ya. it was pretty sweet. Made me pretty home sick for a while. but then i got over it haha. So im pretty sure America is the bomb. YUP. light some illegal fireworks for me!
Alright well this week was pretty legit other than one thing. I have been sick for the past 3 days! So not cool. I have a stupid summer cold and i have no energy what so ever. and it sucks!!! But i have been on drugs. (just how i like it haha) and i have been trying to get some rest. Yesterday after church i tried to go work for 3 hours and that was a mistake haha. i barely made it around the block. haha i made my comp find the nearest park bench . ya it was pretty lame. But today i am feeling better. not 100% but im getting better. so we will so how it all goes.
But we did get one investigator to come to church. that is a miracle! holy smokes! But then after sacrament and testimony meeting she (our investigator) turned to us and said. I like your church and i agree with lots of what was said. but.... i wont become a member. And then she stood up and walked out. just like that back down to 000000 investigators hahah. yup. But the funniest thing is what she said when we met her. well we were on the street like tuesday and we contacted into her. anyways well i started talking to her and explained who we are and stuff and she cut in and said " wait you guys are the religion with poligamy right?" And of course i said no and then she said "oh well thats too bad cause i would have come to you guys alot sooner if you did" hahahahahahaa i about died right then and there. it was awesome hahaha. Ya but oh well... another one bites the dust.
Then later in the week i got sick. So we stayed home, we made a fort. and played card games in the fort. We played egyptian rat screw 3 times in a row and i lost every time. It wasnt cool. hahah. And the funniest part about me being sick for some reason my voice is way way lower than normal and so yesterday when we were contacting my comp said it sounded like i was trying to seduce the ladies into talking to us haha. it was way funny. cause i thought about it and it kinda did haha.  pretty funny
But ya my russian is getting better and better. slowly but surely, john knows all about how much russian sucks to learn haha way stinkin hard. But its pretty legit. If I can learn Russian I can do pretty much anything ive decided. So i guess the lord has blessed me with some self confidence. oh oh oh so last night after contacting we were walking home and there was a big group of girls off the side of the road and they stopped us and they tried to ask me "what time is it" in english but i didnt under stand so i said "what" in russian and they all freaked out and said crap hes russian. ahhaha then we talked to them for a sec and found out they were just trying to mess with us. stupid girls. but it was pretty sick cause that was the first time someone called me Russian. hahah nothing better to boost your confidence. haha but i only said one word. so i guess that doesnt mean anything ahhaha. oh well. i thought it was pretty sick.
Well my time is winding down and im pretty sure im starting to sound like an idiot so ill just jump off the computer and get going and go buy some groceries! ahhh yeah.
well i love you all. Happy 4th of july! take some pictures of the fam for me!!! and send them!!! that might be helpful.
well got to jet
drive fast and take chances
love me. Elder big D

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