Monday, July 11, 2011

The Rostov M

So i have to tell you the funnies thing right now!!! hahah so right now im in the internet cafe obviously and they play music and right now  the song " Tequila" you know off of the sand lot. ya well it just came on and i just about died laughing hahaha. so great haha. me and my comp are singing it as we speak. Its not very hard cause there is only one word in the whole song haha ( Tequila) haha way funny

Anyways so whats new with all of you? Nothing really is new here same old same old. Me and my comp walkin the dusty streets of Russia like a bunch of lonely desparados. Pretty epic. But ya this week was pretty fun. It sure flew past! for the  4th of july we hung out with a bunch of other missionaries. That was fun then we had a big family night together with some members and elder nancollas's investigator. They just set a b date with her to. Crazy and the cool thing is she has a tennis scholarship to USU in Utah so she is going to america pretty soon. Funny huh. SO they are going to dunk her before she jets off. The middle of the week flew by. We had a bunch of street lessons! It was bomb. Usually we have been getting 6-9 street lessons a week but this week we had 12 street lessons and 5 less active lessons. it was crazy. The days fly by when you have lessons. But if you dont you spend the whole day out in the sun walking around.
No but this week we had a sweet miracle! It was the bomb so hold onto your seats. Well friday we were pretty sick of contacting and we had the zone leaders over so we decided to go chalk drawing in the park around our house. so we went and i drew the book of mormon and the gold plates. and underneath it i put moroni's promise i do believe the scripture reference is moroni 10:5. so anyways i wrote that at the bottom and i put the churches name off to the side with the web site address and our cell phone number. and we tried stopping people but no one would talk. they would just stare at the picture for a minute then walk off and call us a sect. jerks huh haha. oh well. So we left after a couple hours of that and we went contacting. no success though. So we had a pretty poopy day. and not going to lie the whole week was way horrible. it was hot, humid, All of the phone numbers we got off of the street were falling through. our set up appointments with members were falling through and everyting was just sucking right. and so that night before planning for the next day, i told my comp we need to pray. So we did and i told hevenly father exactly how i felt. i told him that the mission work sucks right now and that we havent been liking the mission work at all and i asked him that we needed some help. It was a very very emotional prayer. then we finished and we started planning. Not even two minutes after we ended our prayer our phone rang! And it was some dude named michael. He saw our chalk drawing and he told us that he wants the book of mormon. And he said he wants to meet with us! I almost was speechless! It was amazing so we set a meeting up for tomorrow evening.! so im pretty excited! god loves us and he is there to help us out. Just ask!
So ya i know that miracles happen in missionary work. now all we have to do is help this dude realize the importance of the gospel. yup hahah so ya that was a huge testimony builder! anyways time is running short and i have to go! so i love you all and i hope everyone is having a great summer!
Love you alll
drive fast and take chances
love Elder Big D

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