Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sup all you lake powell party fools

Well shoot! Where to start? This week was pretty crazy! And we sure did alot and it seems like the week just flew by! Well other than russia being way tooooooo hot! its still kickin and its pretty legit. Other than the fact that all the old grandmas with canes yell at me and make me feel bad hahah. jk. but seriously those grannies are made out of steel they have no feeling i swear. but oh well.
well shoot this week we had a bunch of street lessons. it was awesome. for some reason everyone wanted to talk with us. So we got like 10 phone numbers this week. it was awesome! well...... until we called all of them and they told us to never call again or they just dont answer their phone or they give us the wrong number..... story of my mission life. haha and i have to finish telling you the story about the chalk drawing situation. remember? ya well anyways that michael guy called us right before our apt on tuesday and he said is it alright if i bring some friends with me? so of course we said yes. and we were waiting outside the church and i saw a big group of punk kids. there was like 8 of them all laughing and walking towards us. i leaned over to my comp and said. elder thats them man. (i said it jokingly) then ten seconds later they started making eye contact withme and i was like. crap that is them! wow. so ya the michael kid was a punk kid. And we ended up just playing ping pong with him. oh well. but we did have a lesson. but they are all like 16 and 17 so we cant teach them without parrent permission. which is way hard to get around here. haha. so ya oh well it was a nice try and maybe it will go somewhere later in the future.
but the real miracle for the week is we met a dude named sergey. and he lived in america for like thirteen years and we contacted him and he was way interested int the bom. so we gave him one and invited to church. he came the next day and i tought him the first lesson with a member. that was cool. he is totally into it. and last night i took him to family home evening at the senior couples house. so ya he is digging the religion and the bom. so hopefully he is going some where. i invited him to a baptism this weekend. elder nancollas has a baptism. sick huh. there should be two ladies getting baptised the same day and hopefully he can see that and see what its like. but ya he is a way cool guy and he loves talking to us. so ya.
but other than that everyting is going good. sorry for not emailing yesterday my comp had a visa trip there fore i was stuck working with some other missionaries yesterday in rostov. anyways i got to get going. enjoy the pics. they are me helping a member knock down a wall in his house hahha that was fun but the plaster off the wall cut my leg open. i think i put a pic in there . hahaha everything is fine. anyways love you all have a great week.
p.s you alll suck for going to lake powell without me. and i bet you even took my delilah! bunch of jerks.!!! oh well hope you had fun..
drive fast and take chances
love me elder wright

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