Monday, July 25, 2011

Great week

Shoot where to start!!!! well first off thanks everyone for the emails! they are the bomb!!!
k well anyways well i guess ill start from monday on. well remember sergey that i told you guys about last week? well we have been meeting with him alot lately. well monday we took him to FHE at the senior couples house. that was great he made friends with other missionaries and some other investigators there. so that was the bomb and thats exactly why we take them to fhe. so it worked haha. k then we met with him saturday and we had a first lesson. It was really good, we watched the restoration movie with him and it answered alot of questions for him about how the church got started and how it all works. we gave him an invitation to be baptisted and he wast sure yet so we said we can talk about it later. then saturday there was a baptism and we invited him to that. and he came and watched the baptism. he liked it alot and said he thinks its really a coool thing. then we had him at church again! he actually showed up. it was the bomb!! OH OH OH we had a Elder from the 70's here sunday. his name is Elder minasyan from armenia. he is the bomb and he talked to sergey for like ten minutes and told him that he needs to act now on his faith and not wait for tomorrow. cause no one knows when we will pass from this life or even when jesus will come again. It was way powerfull. way way way cool and the coolest par was he was still talking to sergey and we were holding up sunday school and his councelor came up to him and said elder we need to start class and elder minasyan said nope sorry im doing missionary work.! it was the bomb! so that puts it into perspective of how important missionary work is . haha i was so stoaked when he said that. it was awesome . i love the leaders in our church. so bomb. but ya after church i helped the branch president do tithing and stuff and while i  did that sergey talked to members and he made alot of friends. the members are finally getting excited about maybe getting a new member. so they are all starting to pitch in. and it helped alot that elder minasyan acutally gave a talk to the whole branch on how the missionaries cant do everything by ourself. so he whipped em back into shape for us. thank goodness. so ya they started pitching in. finally. so ya it was bomb then we had another lesson right after that and we talked abo0ut prayer and how we can talk with god and ask for help and for answeres. He also had questions about prophets. we settled all his concerns. he was very very sincere about all his questions and he is very interested. he told us how he has been running around all his life and how much he feels lost. and he wants to be on the straight path. this was the cool part. i told him that this is the straight path and that the only way to get onto the path is through baptism. the spirit was so strong it was great!! he sat there for like ten minutes it felt like. then he said alright. well how do we start working towards that?!!! bam baby there is the golden question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so stoaked. ahh yeah. so we talked about how it works and all that good stuff and now he is thinking about setting a date with us. so hopefully soon. but we had him pray at the end of the lesson and he prayed for liek ten mintutes not lying and he asked for guidance and help and peace to know what to do with his life. it was one of the most sincere prayers i have ever heard in my life! it was awesome i was way proud. then we left. ten minutes later he called me and said dallin. (he only calls me by my first name ahha i dont know why) but he said you know that peacefull feeling you were talking about.? well i just started feeling it . then he aksed when we could meet again. so amazing so ya great great week. we will be setting a date with him our next meeting. so im pretty stoaked. god is blessing us hard core right now. sweet
ya but other than all that everything is fine. i got dads package in the mail. thanks dad. it was the bomb. I hope that everything is going well. I love you all!!!!
the picture of the old lady is a member and she is looking at our family pic giving me the thumbs up haha i thought you would enjoy that hahah.
drive fast and take chances.
love me
Elder wright.

p.s. my leg is fine ahha.... well now it is ahahha
love big d

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