Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hey guys so anyways im in a not wanting to write mood haha. So this one will be short and sweet. Alright so this week was a little bit better than last week. irina #1 has turned back around and she is doing great. she has even been bringing her son to lessons. we had two lessons this week pretty cool. and her son is training to be a veteranarian or however you spell it. Not important. :) anyways so he is pretty cool. So we have re set a baptismal date for the 24th. She just needs to get work off. gee things are hard when your trying to get someone baptised. Ya anyways but we have a baptsim today. Her name is Galina. The elder from an area called zapadny is doing the whole deal. it will be cool. Me and my comp spent a hour last night cleaning the baptismal font. it was way gross cause i found out that the little kids found out how to get in there. so there was little kid foot prints all over haha. prettty funny actually cause if i was little i would have done the exact same thing. :) Anyways so Galina is way cool and im glad the elders found her cause she is way awesome. At family night last week she told me that i dont have an american accent. She said my accent is ukranian. So that was a big pride booster hahaha jk no but i guess my Russian is progressing. Hopefully ill get the full Russian accent. its way hard. Hopefully by the end of this crazy thing called a mission ill be 100 percent russian. haha. Ya so that was pretty cool of her. But last night i got a call from an old investigator and his wife and we went walking with them in the park and talked about life and how everything is going. and he is interested in talking to us again. So hopefully everything with him goes well. His real name is alaeg but americans never can say it right so he goes by alex. pretty funny :) But last night was way fun. And i love being here at night, especially since its getting darker and darker every week. I guess im a night owl. ya but this week was sister prices b day. She is int he office with us. Her and her husband are the senior couple here. We went and bought her a dozen white and pink roses and put them on her desk. She loved it. She is such a sweet lady just like grandma bell and wright. She pretty much feels like my grandma cause she takes care of us so well. She is always bringing us juice or a treat. haha. so we made sure to take care of her on her b day. i think i sent you guys a picture of them last week. ya but anyways that was this week. Just the office work, some stress and a b day party :) pretty alright i guess.
Oh so i have another visa trip this week to ukrain this time im going to the kiev temple cause my visa got all messsed up i guess. So ill be in kiev from saturday to tuesday. So im not sure when ill be able to write you guys next. So just know im not dead or something :) Ill take some cool pics for ya. Anyways ill get outa here. i have to go pay our utillities. fun fun fun. hahah
love you all have a good week
Drive fast and take chances.
The pic is me with Irina #1. She is pretty bomb :)

Elder Big D Wright

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