Monday, September 5, 2011

The office life

Well shoot
This week was pretty nuts! I'm not to sure where to start. Well ill just start i guess then. Well, this week has been so crazy i swear i have had 0 time to do anything or complete anything. I have just been running around like a chicken with its head cut off! Its now september so i have been busy with financial reports and the new office couple dont really know how to run computers very well so i have been helping them with their reports going in to. So this week has just been nuts trying to get everthing done and faxed to Moscow. haha crazy crazy. But i did one cool thing this week! I got to call Salt lake and tell them to fix the church programs cause they were all off-line. So i was calling expecting to call and talk to an american right and actually be able to explain the problem 100 % effectively you know? But then i call salt lake and the call directing machine was all in Russian. Then i pressed the right extention number and it put me in touch with computer tech. and all of a sudden this Russian dude just starts talking a million miles an hour in Russian! I was like " aaahhh man come on!" So i started talking to him and tried to explain it all in russian as best as i could. But then i got a bright idea. This dude works for the church in slc so i asked him in russian  > can you speak engilsh? and he was like of course! WHEWHHH ahha im glad cause Dallin and technical computer terms in russian dont mix. haha he laughed pretty good but eventually we got the computers up and running again and i got to finish my work :)
Ya but but the rest of the week for missionary work was crazy. Irina #1 she asked if we could do her baptism the  17th. so we moved her b date to the 17th. as for the other Irina she is still on for the 17th. so we will have a double baptism saturday and i think one of the other elders have a baptism the same day so we will combine all of them together. That will be way cool. Hopefully everthing turns out well. But the other day i think thursday Irina #2 the older lady was walking us to a bus stop after a meeting and a dude stoped us and asked what the heck is a mormon. So i started talking but Irina cut me off and taught the dude for like 10 minutes and answered all his questions. It was bomb! I was way impressed cause she knows alot more than i thought she did. haha it was awesome! So dope. So she is pretty solid. Im way excited for her.
Nothing else really happened this week that i need to share with you. Everything is going well. My back is back to normal finally. It only took 2 weeks :S Oh well :) its all good now. Thanks for all the emails!!!
Love all of you
Drive fast and take chances.

Elder Big D Wright

Sunrise outside of our apt.

A drunks car in a huge hole bahhaaha. Russian rodes :)
A huge russian doll set Elder nancollas bought. kinda cool

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