Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Well shoot whats up. Well i am one tired dude elder Guy person. My visa trip was bomb but, it was way long. I spent a total of 36 hours on a dang train going from Rostov all the way to Kiev Ukraine. But Kiev was the bomb and it was worth the trip. Cause i got to see the Kiev temple and it was the bomb. And i might or might have not been able to go to a session in it :) it was bomb. And it is now my fav temple its the bomb. So ya that was way fun and ill send you guys some pictures. Alright well now for the big news! Irina is getting baptized this saturday. ahhhhh yeeaaaah. And even cooler she asked me to baptize her.! Dope. So she is getting dunked this saturday at six. So that will be cool. And it was really cool cause i left rostov on the 23. Which if no one knows that was my year mark. Also Dope! And she was the normal irina. But when i got back from the temple/ visa trip i came back and she had her interview and she has changed so much it was kinda scary. But in a good way. So thanks for everyone praying for her and all that good stuff. I know you have been. :) So thanks. So im pretty excited. Alright what else to tell you.
Well yesterday was really sad. I guess with the good comes the bad. One of the elders here got sent home. He was really a cool kid, and it was sad to see him off. President had him stay with me the night before he left and we talked alot. And it reminded me of what happend to me. It was way hard for me and i could see it was way hard for him. We talked for a long time about stuff and he seemed a little better off after we finished. I felt for the kid. It was hard . And it wasnt fun. But i got the kid laughing and we called his parents and told them what was happening. They told him exactly what mom and dad told me when i came home. We still love you. And i almost started bawling when i heard them say that over the phone. Freak im such a baby haha. I guess it just brought back some memories. And i wrote him a letter and gave him the little black Jesus the christ book that brother Nelson gave to me. You guys remember that? Well Bro nelson gave it to me when i was in a bad part of all that stuff i went through. And i knew it would help him like it helped me. i told him what the book meant to me and told him to take care of it and pass it on to someone that could use it after he is done with it. It was way hard giving him the book. But i know he needed more than i did. Ya so that was a rough night. Then we woke up at 4 this morning and got him to the airport. i hope he makes it back.
ya sad crap. but oh well, stuff happens and we cant judge anyone. Thats what i guess i learned from this experience. cause we all have been stupid in life and we all deserve a couple chances. Maybe even 3 or 35. God loves us. thats all that matters. Ya anyways so im glad i could help the dude though. I guess i went through all of that crap for a reason. Weird how everything works out like that huh? ya. Well I love all of you. I better get going. Everyone be good and dont die i like it when your alive. haha
Well im out home dizzle.
Drive fast and take chances.
here are some pics from the temple and another pic at the end is of the main street here in rostov. where i contact. Pretty dope if i do say so myself :)
Well enjoy!
Elder Big D Wright

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