Saturday, September 10, 2011

You know your in Russia when?

Your investigator with a baptismal date turns out to be a creepy cat lady that hates people. haha
K well shoot this isnt going to be the biggest email but it will be a good one :) hahah well i hope so. This week has been way stressfull and im not diggin it! The office has been crazy and we have been having big troubles here in our mission. Troubles from big payments being made all the way to sisters loosing passports! See i am set in concrete that sisters are blisters. haha but we got it taken care of. Wow but it was nuts trying to do it all.
Anyways now that i kinda gave you a taste of my creepy cat lady investigator ill tell you about her. Well irina #2 she turns out to be a crazy lady. she wont be-freind anyone in the branch. and every time she gets around a woman she gets way defensive and angry. But when she talks to americans she is totally fine. Im so glad that we found all of this out before we baptized her. So we are meeting with her today pretty much to tell her that we wont ever baptise her uless she changes dramatically. So hopefully we just dont offend her and have her tate us.But im glad we found this all out before.
And on to irina #1. She is giving us a scare right now cause she said something in our last meeting that told me she shouldnt be baptised. I aksed her if she would still like to be baptised and she said yes. But! she said ya but after im baptised and we stop meeting ill get bored. and if i get bored ill just leave. sorry guys but ill leave. so im pretty sure she wont be getting baptised either. :(
This week has been way rough for me and i am just wondering why this is all happening. These two ladies were awesome! One taught a lesson on the street to a guy. And the other has just been an awesome investigator. But whatever i guess. I came to Russia i guess thats how things role around here. So i have been loosing hair alot lately between investigators  going crazy and between accounting problems in the office. so ya. Ill make it though. I knew when i accepted to come back to russia i knew i wasnt going to have 4 baptisms a week like Elders down in south america. I knew it was going to be hard. But i guess i like to do harder things cause doing hard things shows us who we are i guess. So ya life is good. God is good. Im just so glad that he knows what im going through. He loves all of us. He wants us to succeed in whatever we do. But he wants us to learn how to become what he wants us to be even more. So i guess thats why he gives us trials. He is just dippin me in the fiery furnace testing how tough i am. So hopefully i fit the mold.
But i guess the week wasnt as bad as it sounds. We did have  lesson with a member. Their son is on a mission in the moscow west mission. And their son just met steven seigal! How dope is that. they showed me a pic and everything. :) so that was a nice time. they fed us and everything :) that was cool. And we also went over to the senior couples house just to chill and have dinner. Sister price found out my comp and I were having a way rough week so she invited us over and put a smile back on our faces. I love those guys. Im pretty sure God knew what he was doing when he sent them to the office in rostov russia. So we had a good time. They shared stories about when they were serving in Novasebirsk Russia. They were the first mission presidents in russia. pretty cool eh :) so he told us stories of spies and russian police and of problems with the government and told us how everything worked back then. He has some very cool stories. and they made me want to be a spy ahaha. so cool :) anyways all in all they are the bomb and they made me feel alot better.
So ya thats about it. Other than the weather is getting cold and i saw my breath last night on the street. funny huh? anyways i hope next week is an improvement from this week. Thanks for praying for me. I sure need it. I love you all :)
drive fast and take chances.

Elder Big D Wright

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