Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hey guys

Well shoot this week was pretty lame! Jk it was actually really cool :) we had a lot of fun and we did alot of stuff! My comp and i went to the big market and bought some winter gear. Its starting to get pretty old around here so we bought some gloves and hats and stuff. haha my comp bout a huge shapka. the big russian hats. haha. dont worry ill get some for everyone before i get back. haha its pretty funny though. its huge. haha. but ya thats what we did last pday. k so let me run through our week for ya since it was rediculous. k monday we went to the market and spent all day out there. then had family night and did that. Tuesday president asked us to take sister price. (the lady in the office) to the huge mall an hour away and keep her safe and translate for her all day. so we partied at a mall all day!!! ahah it was the bomb. we went into a furniture store and tried out all the couches. it was the bomb then she bought us all ice cream haha. Felt like America in there. But that was dope and in the mall there was a legos shop and they have a huge Russian Stacking doll life size made out of legos! so dope ill attach it t the end of the email. I bet sam will like it haha. what a nerd :) Then Wednesday we had 2 meeting. one with Irina our last baptism and her son David he is getting baptised the 19th. That was good then we went back to my old area severny and had a family night with my favorite family there the Semenenkos. They are so cool So that day was bomb. Then We got a call that night and found out that another senior couple was coming up from krasnodar so that they could get all winterized. So we  were told we would be translators again for the next day. So Thursday we went to subway :) then went to the market and bought i swear a million things which is embarrasing here. It was just really funny cause we have the only good market place. So when sister potter. (the couple that came up from krasnodar) saw the market she turns to all of us and yells! YYEEEASSSSS ITS MY TIME TO GO SHOPPING!!! haha just imagine a shopoholic woman kept from a market/mall for 7 months. haha ya well thats her so we went nuts. i bet they spent 500 bucks haha. it was crazy and we got tons of funny looks from everyone there. It was pretty cool though. Then after that they made us dinner for helping them all day. Then Friday,l yesterday we had a halloween party with the branches here in Rostov. that was thebomb!! haha ill attach some pics from the party. But i was in charge of musical chairs. so i got on the computer and downloaded some BOSTON!!1 haha we played musical chairs to the song SMOKIN!!! it was a stinking RIOT!!! it wa soooooo fun hahah it made want to listen to old school rock all day.!!! so bomb. we did that had a talent show i did nothing haha. then we had bobbing for apples, cookie makeing, doughnut eating and running around having a blast. haha i gave vampire teeth out to the little girls in the branches and i got a pic with them. Ill attacht that too. it was a blast. haha im sure going to miss Rostov. So here next week im getting shipped down to Sochi. Thats a 11 hour train ride south. THats like driving to california!!! gee its a long ways away from Rostov. I could die and no one would know about it.! but thats kinda cool too i guess :) haha ya so ill be at the black sea pimping it up doing my thing with my dope native companion. His name is Elder Reingard. He is the bomb. so ya Ill definately take some pics for you. And ill visit the place where they will be holding the skiing part of the olympics and ill send you pictures. it will be cool. but ya today we are translating for a elder from the quorrum of the 70 :S!!!!! yikes. its cool to be translating for the dude but its way scary to mess up. which is a guarantee. im not a native speaker yet. yikes so im scared. but oh well it will be alright. ya there is a huge europe east are conferance her and i have to help translate with my comp. all the europe east area leaders and mission leaders will be there :S ya im scared ahhaa. oh well. so anyways that will be interesting.then tomorrow we have a leaving party for elders swallow and Nancollas at presidents house. I think thats another reason president is sending me south is to get me away from elder nancollas leaving. cause he knows we are best friends and he doesnt want my thoughts going home on the plane with nancollas. ya.... so im pretty bumed. but on the other hand im going to sochi. so ya thats the bomb :) ya shoot well thats about it. i wrote alot today.. my bad. anyways i love you all. have fun be safe dont die. :)
love you
Elder wright.
first one is the district here in rostov haha we have a good time.
The next is me and all the pimary girls in rostov. The one on the left asked me to baptise her when she turns 8. But thats in 2 years so ya. she is still pretty mad at me... yikes.... haha
The next is the dopest dudes in rostov getting ready for a halloween party haha :)
Enjoy cause we are so good looking i should charge you guys for these pics. haha

Elder Big D Wright

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