Monday, November 7, 2011

Why does everything in Russia smell like onions?!‏

Seriously though! Why does it all smell like onions haha. JK JK no but for real i was just walkin around and it smelled just like onions! It made me laugh cause i knew that i was going to tell youthat the first sentence in my letter home :) haha. Well shoot anyways im kickin it in Sochi with myew companion and we are having a blast. We went down to the beach today and took some piccs and threw some rocks in the water to make all the fisherman mad haha. they were pretty ticked. But we have had some fun already. And we have a baptism this sunday. And the cool thing about everything is that she wants to be baptised in the sea. So ya thats what were doing and were going to pick out a place tomorrow with a member. so its going to be waycool and im way exxxxxcited. it will be sweet. So anyway, we left rostov wednesday night and we rode a train down to krasnodar. The first area i served in when i came to russia the first time. It was really weird going there. I had some mixed feelings walking into the train station. It was way funky ill tell ya. But im over it now. Then we spent the night in Kransodar with the elders there. Then we got up at 4 30 and caught our train and we got to sochi around noon and got to the apartment and dumped off my bags and went to get my butt registered in sochi. Which is kinda scary cause we have church members do all the legal stuff since we dont speak russian perfectly. And the register here in sochi is 83. hha and he only has one good eye so a 83 year old dude is running around with my passport for a couple days. hahaha. THat would be way funny if something happend then i would get sent out to moscow to the embassy for  while. haha. that would be sweet. Well shoot then thursday i met with the girl who is getting baptised. SHe is 25 and she is awesome. She is going to be a great member and im glad she is getting dunked.  She will be the first baptism here in sochi in 4 years. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy huh! ya thats a way long time. hopefully we will find some more people down here. There are currently 3 investigators that have some potential. So hopefully everything goes well with that. ill have to tell you about that later though. alright then friday we had some meetings with some other investigators that i dont remember their names. but they were pretty cool. but then sunday we had church of course and its a small branch. i counted a whole whopping 19 people at church. it was pretty wussy not going to lie. especially when there are 150 members here in sochi!!!!! so we have our work cut out for us here in sochi. since everyone here is travelers we dont really teach on the street. So we are stuck with finding members. its not bad at all but its just annoying sometimes. But ya after church we had a member meeting . And we got there and the members house was literally not lying to you 10 feet by 20 ft. It was tiny but she said its just a apartment they rent in the winter time. i guess they live in rostov, but she is an amazing piano player! She playes professionally for the ballet. Cool eh? ya and she is making me sing in church. but at least she is letting me pick what im singing. ill be singing abide with me tis even tide. the dopest hymn out there. :) its my fav. ya anyways but we were at her house and she fed us. well more like she shoveled food in our mouths with a pitch fork!!!! There was so much food that it was redculous!!!! haha i felt so sick afterwards. aklsjd;flajsdlf;kajlfjsl it was really tastey but it wasnt good after the 4th or fith bowl!!!  wow. They think the missionaries starve or something i swear. but it was way nice. Im pretty sure the people that help the missionaries are getting blessings dumped on them :) So it was way nice of her. But then today we walked around sochi taking pics and messing around. This place is so amazing!!!! Its so pretty i have  never seen anything like it. If anyone wants to come to russia and be in the tropics this is the place to go. No wonder the olympic commitee picked this place! its amazing! wow. Well anyways ill attach some pics and all that good stuff. so ya today after this we are going to chill at home and write some letters. ya so thats the crazy first week in sochi. Hopefully there will be a ton more.!!! President must like me to have sent me down here.:) anyways i love you all. i best be getting gone. :)

Love you all

Drive fast and take chances

Elder Big D Wright

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