Monday, November 21, 2011


Well what up everyone.
Life in sochi is pretty bomb right now. I finally got over the flu, but i still have a weird cough but thats alright, i can handle that one. So this week was pretty bomb 2 of my investigators were baptized.! David from rostov and Nika from here in sochi! So bomb! You couldnt ask for a better day on the mission. They were both baptized on Sunday the 20th. Nika was baptized in the Black sea, and David was baptised in Rostov's b font. so it was awesome!!! So david is the son of Irina the lady i baptized in October. So we got a family into the church :) how awesome is that. Im way excited for that one. And im even more excited cause president said if we baptize a family he will have sister Nehiperova make cheese cake for the elders who baptized them :) so i totally get cheese cake! hahha :) oh so we did have some problems at the baptism. There was a drunk worker wandering around yelling at us telling us to leave or else he would call the cops. He was drunk and retarded so we just ignored him, and finally he left us alone, but before he left us alone the little kid named Bagdan, who was with us, went up to him and flipped the dude off!!! Hahaa he is like 4 years old! How funny is that! hahaa ;) ya it was awesome. I laughed so hard I about peed my pants haha. But everything turned out just fine and Bagdan lived through the experience. haha. We had zone conference this week so i traveled up to Krasnodar again. I was there for 2 days. And the train ride sucks going there. And it takes 6 hours each way, so its pretty annoying. But conference was good and i got your package! It got there so fast, i recieved it 15 days after being sent. so that was pretty cool :) then we got back and had the baptism and the senior couple from Krasnodar came down to Sochi with us to visit the branch. We took them around Sochi and showed them the cool things to see :) and they took us out to dinner for Thanksgiving cause i guess the area presidency exnayed thanksgiving this year. gay huh!!! But oh well, ho0llidays on the mission are lame anyways. So me and my comp will go out and eat this thursday :) haha but ya everything went well this week. the sun came out and it was warm. City day was yesterday for Sochi, and they had fireworks going off for like 5 hours right  over our apartment. We live right in the middle of town. Way expensive but way cool. So we watched fireworks outside our window on the scaffolding, cause they are doing reconstruction on our apartment building for the olympics. Like everywhere. So that was fun. But all in all life is good. Im enjoying the mission and all that jazz. It sure is tough though, i never thought a mission would be so hard!!! More mentally difficult than anything for sure, its pretty crazy thats for sure. But all in all its alright. Elder Nancollas is coming home Wednesday! so Robin best be going to chill with him soon. He is a stud. So ya go to his welcome home if you can. He will get ahold of Robin and tell her when it is. Anyways, i love you guys. I have to get going. I love you tons. Dont die. 

Drive fast and take chances.

love me.

Elder wright.

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