Monday, November 14, 2011


Hey so i got to the church and had some extra time and i wanted to write you a little better than i did last time. So this week was good. Except :) i got sick. I have been sick for the past couple days and its not too cool. But im starting to feel better , its just a dang cold but its still way annoying ya know. Well shoot so i havent really done much this week other than the elders quorrum party that we had. It was pretty good cause we had barbeque and a ton of onions. Wow that was kinda rank. But they made me eat plain onions cause im in russia and techinally they say im trying to speak russian so i have to act like one too. So they made me eat 3 of them. And after 3 onions i still hate raw onions. hahha pretty funny though. And the other funny thing of the week was after church. Well we have a little devil kid in our branch. Every ward and branch has one. But he is worse than all of them! Right when i walked into the church sunday he came up and tried to sock me a good one where it counts. Little fart. Luckily i faught him off before he laid a good one on me. But then while i was hanging up my coat he tried high kicking me. Kinda like Robin does in the morning when you try to take her socks off. But obviously i have plenty of practice runnning away from Robins high kicks so this little farts was pretty easy to see coming. So i grabbed his foot in mid air and made him do the splits. haha then i let go and he fell over fake crying trying to get me in trouble. hahha made me feel so good to make a 6 year old cry haha. but thats not the worst. after his church his grandpa is the one that brings him anyways after church his grandpa asks us to watch him for 15 minutes while he talked with the branch president. You should have seen my face. I was trying to avoid watching this kid like someone trying to avoid a gas chamber. ya so we got stuck with the little tyqe. I just call him little devil. So we were watching the devil for like an hour and during the whole time little devil is jumping on the pulpit screaming throwing books and making forts out of the chairs. He is nuts!@!!! I wanted to give the kid a scottish blessing but i thought better of it. Ya so we started playing tricks on him. We did this for like a half hour, way fun haha well it was for us atleast. Ya so that was pretty nuts, hopefully this kid grows up and is normal im kinda worried for him. Ya then after that we went home and i slept. Being sick isnt fun!! Especially when mom is on the other side of the world!!! Missions sure do make you appreciate your mom :) ya well other than those two things, not much happend. we had the zone leaders over from krasnodar- that was lame. They aren't any fun at all. It seems like everyone down here in the south zone are lame. So zone conference is going to be lame. so is christmas. But thats alright i have a good companion. His name is Elder Reinguard he is Ukranian and he is from a place called alsdkjl;aksdl;fkslkdjflkas;ldk ya. I totally forgot how to spell it. But it is pretty hard to spell something that you forgot hahha :) oh ya simferopol. He says its pretty sick. Anyways he is really cool. He is the exact same height as me, so we look pretty big walking down the street side by side. Not too many punk teenagers mess with us. Which is nice cause usually if you have a small companion they pick on ya alot more. They usually just sit on park benches and read your name tags and make fun of your names. So I came up with a good way to get back at them. After they say "oh its elder wright what a retard." of course they are making fun of ya. So i usually just walk closer to them and say " Good job man, you can actually read" Then they try and throw something back at ya but usually you are already walking away. hahah they are so stupid. They dont have anything better to do than drink smoke and sit on park benches trying to make themselves feel better by making fun of everyone. Kinda sad to think that they will stay like that their whole lives though. dangit. oh well, so ya thats that. Ya but usually people are pretty nice to ya. Well i think so,..... usually they just wont talk to you so you just assume that they are nice people haha. Got to love it. But anyways this week has been pretty hard on me. Ive been pretty trunky . not cool at all. But Elder Nancollas is coming home next week. And i was supposed to be going home with him. But i kinda messed that one up. Didnt i haha. oh well. but freak he is going home!!! I think thats why president sent me as far away from the office as possible. So i wouldnt be the one sending him home. He talked to me about it for a while before i left the office, and im kinda glad he got me out of the office but still. I wasnt ready to leave. Especially when your 2nd investigator is getting baptised. ya oh well. But whatever spit in one hand and want in the other. what can you do. Well shoot i better get going. My comp is giving me the stink eye. well i love you all. Dont die please.

Someone send me some mail :)

love you alll

Elder Wright.

Elder Big D Wright

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