Monday, December 12, 2011


Hey all you funny looking people. :)
Its really cool to be able to email all of you. its really dope not going to lie. So this week was really good, we did lots of work and we got a lot done. But for some reason the most important stuff didn't get done. It really makes me mad!!!! Like, we have an investigator name Armen, he is married to a member here and they are expecting a baby! So he is really excited for that and he wants to be sealed in the temple, so he will be getting baptized i just don't know when. That's why we had 2 appointments this week with them to set a date for baptism. And guess what......... they all fell through!!! First his wife got sick so they had to go to the hospital, then his mom was here and family comes first so that didn't work tooo well. Ya, so we didn't set a date with him. ya . anyways so that was the bummer of the week. But i do have some really cool news. Transfers are wednesday and president is hooking me up with a greenie straight from the mtc. so ya im pretty stoked about that one. His name is Elder Roberts, and he will be getting into Russia tomorrow night, and I'll meet him in krasnodar on wednesday :) so thats pretty sick. so that will be interesting. Well Iwas glad to hear that the christmas parties went well and that no one died at our crazy wright family parties. haha :) i sure do miss those parties. You guys sure are alot of fun:) so what else happened. oh ya, i about died from being fed to death!!! haha we were at a members house last night cause they needed the sacrament. They have been sick for a while, so we went over there and they fed us hot dogs, soup, and sour kraut.!!! sorry if thats not the way you spell it.l but it was awesome! Almost as good as grandpa wrights sour kraut. it was awesome!! I started putting it on the hot dogs and eating it and they gave me the funniest looks ever hahah. i almost died laughing. literally, i started choking and almost threw up ahha :) but it was great. But it made me miss you guys alot. not the throw upping part but the thinking about grandpa and stuff. made me trunky! hahha sad to say but i have been having trunky thoughts lately. sorry but its christmas time and there is no way getting around it! but shoot this week we have been working with posters on the steet lately contacting. and it is the bomb!! We had 10 steet lessons this week and we gave away 6 BOM's so that was way cool and way more effective than just walking around the city aimlessly. And the people seem to like it, even if they dont want to talk i give them christ pictures and everyone loves christ so they at least take the picture. So maybe they will see those later and call us up. Seeds , seeds, seeds, and more seeds :) haha thats alright though. But this week was really good. I'm glad cause last week sucked. This week we got like 20 feet of rain and we about drowned. Hahah. but its alright, i can swim. sorry this email is so random. I just keep getting random thoughts and typing them. so hopefully you get something out of this e-mail haha :) but anyways i'm doing fine. I did open the package and i did steal the decorations out of it. and i might have opened sams present to me!! hahha so awesome!!!! Now i have a lego action figure next to my alarm clock!! so cool! Thanks sam!!! your the best. so ill save the rest of them for christmas but i couldn't help but snoop haha :) anyways i better get going. i love all of you. I'll attach some pics from last pday we went hiking in the mountains with the youth from our branch. its way cool. love you :)
dont die.
love me.

Elder Big D Wright

Rostov Chronicles (November Mission News Letter)

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