Monday, December 19, 2011

Whats up

Well shoot everyone, how are you? Well im doing alright, im not doing to bad just chillin in the warmest place to be in russia during the winter time. So i dont have too much to complain about. >:) But this week has been pretty hectic and i dont like it too much. I have been on a train half the week and next week ill be doing the same thing all over again. bummer. But thats alright, whatever works i guess. I have to go back to ukraine for another visa trip. Gee time flies eh? it just seems like yesterday i was in kieve at the temple, but the trip this time isnt going to be as cool. we are going to the border and back with the mission driver. So that should be pretty painless, well hopefully. So anyways this week was transfers as you already know i think........ anyways and i picked up my new comp elder Roberts from north ogden. He is a stud , he rides motorcycles,snowboards and he even likes country music. ha.... thats very very important. jk. No but he is a stud and we are going to have a fun time. But the highlight of the week was his first hour out of our apartment door he had pretty much prostitutes trying to do  buisness with us, and 3 drunk russians tried to party with us and give us vodka cause were americans and i guess since were americans we have to try russian vodka. And they grabbed him and tried to drag him over to the bench to have some hahha. then me the senior companion pulled out my numchukcs and beat them down and we rode off into the sunset. not together just walking side by side. :) hahah. anyways we had some crazy first days together. but the best thing about this week was today, we had mcdonalds and while we were sitting there these two ugly russian girls kept staring at us and giggling like dummies and so i gave them the FIG. so let me explain the fig. the fig is a hand gesture where you put your thumb in-between your pointer finger and your middle finger and it just looks funny. But In russian it pretty much means (bahha you suck) haha so i gave the girls the fig and we left :) haha it was hillarious you should have seen their faces. it was awesome. anyways but the week was hectic and not that cool. And next week isnt going to be as great either except for getting to skype you guys. and i sure hope it works!!! If not oh well, my companion has a new ipod with skype on it and we can try it on that. It seems to work alright but not as good as a computer of course. so ill probably most likely be skype'ing you sunday night at 9 or 10 AM utah time. since you guys are 11 hours behind us it will be night time for me. But i will for sure tell you a more exact time later. anyways i better get going. enjoy the picture. i thought you guys would enjoy it. 


Elder Big D Wright

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