Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hey, What the heck!

Hey everyone, thanks for the e-mails! They are the bomb and they are part of the life blood of a missionary, so thanks! :) well shoot this week was pretty good. Well reaally boring but really good. We had thanks giving. Me and my comp and we cooked turkey and mashed potatoes. That was pretty good. so we had a party ourselves :0 it was good. :) And another cool thing we did was we booked some tickets for a Big band jazz concert! It was the bomb!!!!!!! we had so fun and the band that playes was awesome!!!! They were so good, and they played that one song off of the old chips ahoy comercials. hahah i was freaking out it was awesome haha i knew it would make dad jealous so i had to tell you guys ahha. but all in all it was one of the coolest things we have done in a long time.
But other than that sochi has been really really rainy lately! Kind of a bummer. Especially on missionary work outhere. When the weather is bad the work is bad, unfortunately. But the people all are running around trying to get out of the weather and when we go knocking they wont let us in cause they think they will get sick. All in all Russians are wusses.. Kinda ticks me off a lot. But what can you do, so what else happened this week.......... Not really much happend. Just been tripin out of my mind cause Elder Nancollas decided to be a bum on me and go home so that kinda mademe really really .... really x 10 trunky. So this week has been creeping pretty slow. Good thing we had some good stuff to do to distract me, cause it was way slow not going to lie. Ya but anyways i love the smokes out of you all. Well im glad that you guys got to see him at his welcome home. thats way cool of you guys to goout there :) He is a stud. Well shoot anyways the branch in sochi is probably the worst branch i have been in. Its one of the branches if i lived here in Russia and i lived in the branch here i would stop going to church. Pretty lame not going to lie. so my comp and i talked to the branch president and his councelor and we gave them a bunch of tips . its probably really bad to do that but we did cause it needs help. We told him to get some branch missionaries goin to get the non actives back.there are 120 people on the branch list and 21 came to church sunday. so he decided to call 5 branch missionaries and a coordinator. So thank goodness he agreed with us. So hopefully by the time i get outof sochi there will be a branch of 30 maybe 40.. hopefully. it really needs it bad. ya but the branch president is a way cool guy he just doesnt knowwhat todo. His calling would be very hard and i feel for him. Especially when there is such a big task at hand, poor guy but it needs done. Ya so that was our week really frustrating but really cool at the same time. I hope everyone else had a better week than mine. But being honest it wastn too bad. well shoot ilove you guys tons. Be good. Dont die. :)

love Me.

Elder Big D Wright

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