Tuesday, December 27, 2011


well it was good to talk to you guys!!!! You guys looked good and it seems that everyone is having a great christmas!~ im glad :) i just hope everyones was better than mine cause i got a call at 1130 christmas eve from my land lady and she said that the apartment was flooded with 3 inches of poooooooooo!!!!! Nasty man nasty but its all good and we cleaned it up pretty good and hopefully it doesnt get all stinky :) anyways but my christmas was nuts and crazy. haha i was just running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but we had fun :). But ya i had a visa trip this week and i whent to Maryupole. A place just a couple hours away from Rostov. So the mission driver took us to the border and back but we had to walk across the border and we got stuck on the border for around 2 hours freezing our little butts off. It was way cold, but in the end we got across the border thanks to some random dude. he showed up got us across without a problem and dissapeard. i swear he was one of the 3 nephites. it was way nuts not going to lie. but we got across the border and after i crossed i noticed that one of the ladies stole some of my papers out of my passport. so i had to hike back tothe border and ask for my papers. so after another 30 min i got my papers back from the wench that stole them. she needs beat up. but it was crazy and im still alive thank goodness with all my toes. but christmas eve we had a party at the branch building in krasnodar and we got the zone together and had lunch. We had roast beef and potatoes and all that good jazz. then we had a talent show. I read the story of Rindercella. if you havent seen it look it up on youtube. im pretty sure its on there. ya but then we finished the night by singing for the branch there we sang jingle bells of course. they loved it. then we hit the sac and got on a train christmas morning at 530 and got to sochi at noon thirty then we cleaned up the poop mess haha. not too cool eh? ya but other than that you all know but ill attach some pictures. i love you guys. tell john and jamie congrats!!! thats so cool!!! the bomb :) i love all you guys i hope christmas was bomb! 

love me.

Elder Big D Wright

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