Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well shoot everyone,

How is u alls.? Well im not doin to shabby ,sorry for not writing on the normal day but we had a nuclear threat so i had to run for my life before i had a chance to email you. But im still alive and i personally handled the whole threat. So ya :) But im actually doing really good cause this week we saw lots of cool stuff!

Well I guess ill start with the sick snow storm that came into sochi! Awww i miss the snow so bad! Snow is the bomb. But ya it snowed at least another 4 inches this week so my comp and i made a snow man ha :) Then some of our english club members found us and we took a pic together. That was fun. Then the next morning someone came and destroyed him. all that was left was his big butt. so now we have a huge snow butt on the street, thanks to the missionaries hahaa. And that night we found a steep street and we slid down it on our feet , we didnt have a sled :S but oh well. It was a fun day and im sure glad I got to see the snow :)
This week We have been calling the X-box guy and he has been out of town "wink wink" and he says he is busy. So that ship got sunk pretty quick, i knew that story was way toooooo cool to be true. ya but we will still invite him to family night tonight. For family night tonight we are going to have a spiritual thought about repentance for 15 min then as always we will drink some beer some vodka and whatever else we can find while playing a nice game of UNO :) haha when i mean beer and vodka i mean Fruit tea haha and we will have some other games after. So it will be fun, not going to lie i think tuesday nights are my favorite of the week cause we get to chill with the youth in the branch. way dope. Oh P.S. the girl that was baptised with Elder Reinguard and I just got hitched!!!! She met some dude from Taganrog (on the border of the sea of azof) they met at youth conference like a month and a half ago! Kinda weird but they are in Love awwwwww how sweet :) love is dumb. thats why God invented Trucks, snowboards, boats, motorcycles and x box. Im pretty sure Satin invented love and women to distract the perfectly good man to a life of endless torment and sorrow.   there is even a book floating around the mission about world religions and i was reading about a religion around the middle east that believs that women are the cause of and i quote " Mental anguish and pain" and you can quote me on the quote on quote.:) And now i am a firm believer.

But they are happy so thats all that matters :) They are a good couple. He actually just moved in with her this morning. They called us late last night and asked us to meet them at the train station and we carried all his crap from the train to the car. That was a work out. It wasnt very much fun, whoever said service makes you feel good should be put in time out. Cause it was lame. haha. but im glad he moved down and now they are together. so ya. So there is some awesome progress from our new convert Veronika. She is the bomb.

But our other investigator Armen is doing alright. His wife is pregnant and now she is back in the hospital due to complications. So we havent been able to meet with them at all. But the sisters in the branch have been going to the hospital regularly to go check up on her. My comp and i are trying to firgure out how to go with them to visit. Hopefully we can go see them soon at the hospital. ya but and also we have another new investigator Ura. He is coming to FHE and we will see if we can set up another appt this week before we head to zone conference on the 10th. So ya another 12 hours of sitting on a train to go to a conference for 3 hours. lame but they are actually pretty fun to be at cause we get to see all our buddies, and we like that cause we are marooned 6 hours away from the nearest elders. So its as good time to catch up with everyone. and this is the last time i will be able to see elder Hodson. he is leaving like the 8th or ninth of march . going back home like a looser. No bueno :) but im excited for him i just have to call him a looser so i dont get trunky. haha. He is my X companion from back in the day in Severny Rostov last summer. He came into the MTC a transfer after i did. So its really weird for hi to be going home and im still chilling here like a champ. But anyways im excited to see him.

but nothing much else has been happening. Just chillin doin work, like always. Anyways i better get going. i hope you all have a great week and ill try not to get shot this week. Have fun everyone

Drive fast and take chances

Elder Big D Wright

p.s what do you get if you mix a elephant and a rhino ? :) bahaha

Elder Big D Wright

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