Monday, February 27, 2012

Drowning while walking

Well as you can see my title is almost accurate . I almost drowned walking this week it rained so much! Pretty lame but thats OK i guess. Nothing much happened this week, we did have a good time trying to find people to teach though. We did have a amazing lesson at family night Tuesday. We talked on forgiving others and everyone listened very carefully and all that good stuff. It was great and i made Elder Roberts teach it and i translated for him, i threw in my voice every once in a while but he did a great job. And he got his point across and it was a good effective lesson :)

This week was also slow out on the street but that's normal for the rainy season here in sochi. I'm just lucky to be in such a pretty area, President Nechiporov even said i owe him for it ha ha. He is awesome, he leaves soon and we just caught word on the new mission President that will be coming in June i think. His name is President Britton. No he is not English. He is American i wish i knew more about him to tell you guys but ya thats all i know. So it will be weird for us to get thrown into a American president. i prefer the Russian president not going to lie. But we will see how all of this goes i guess, i bet it will be just fine and dandy :)

 My companion and I found some fun stuff to take pictures of. I hope you all enjoy. Well transfers are coming quick, they will be the 6th. i bet I'm getting out of sochi and being put in Volgograd. Hopefully i don't freeze!!!!!!! Wow its been cold up there, i heard that it hit about 30 degrees up there this week and all the elders said it felt like they were about to die from the heat. So ya. way cold. but i guess we will have to see what happens.

Well i don't have anything else to report. have fun guys. And don't die please.

love me.

Elder Big D Wright

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