Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zone Conf. Week

Well this week was zone conference and ill cut to the chase :) i got dressed up and got makeup put on me gross! the sisters had a talk about the spirit and missionary work and they worked it into makeup somehow and i didnt really listen i was too busy trying to get the devil paste off of my face to listen. Nasty. haha But zone conf was in krasnodar where it was a lovely - 15 degrees. l;asdkjfaklsdjf;laskdfjlaskdfjlaskdfjlsd Ya it was cold and we had to wear hoodies underneath our coats. But it was alright. In krasnodar we also bought new beds to take down on the train. The mattresses were rolled up and in vaccum bags and they were tiny. So we bought some new beds cause our old beds were nasty. Think about having two beds in a apartment for 5 yrs with stinky sweaty elders sleeping in them every night. ya nasty. so we begged for new beds and we got them :) haha lucky us. then we headed back to sochi where the sun is out and the birds are still chirping. today is probably a nice 35 degrees :) haha. Anywyas i got mom and dads package full of apple cider :0 thank you.! and i also got a letter from Kristy wright. And i got a package from janna! :) I got spoiled :) thank you everyone. and i have on question. how does everyone know im a koolaide freak? haha well you hit the spot :) thanks again. I know my family loves me :) hah

so anyways nothing else happened this week. Seriously. lame. But the A. P's are coming over tonight to spend the day tomorrow with us. so that will be fun haha. But i really dont have much to to tell you guys. But ill attach a pic of my gross devil makeup . i hope everyone gets a good laugh at it hahah i sure did. love you all 


Elder Big D Wright

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