Monday, February 20, 2012

Whats Up :)

So how are you all? im doing good. Just chilling here in sochi. :) Like always 

Anyways so this week was rather dull. Well other than the fact that i met a very interesting person at church. Dan Merkley decided to show up to sochi branch yesterday. if you don't recognize the name he is the actor from the notorious LDS film Baptists at our BBQ. ha ha weird huh? ya anyways he just showed up from nowhere and now he is living in sochi . He works for the Olympic committee for the winter games coming up so he has to be here. so ya ill be translating for him in church for a while. Well untill i get shipped out haha. so thats kinda cool. I was just sitting in church then one of the members came tyo me and asked " there is a guy here. is he your investigator? " so i looked and i saw him. And i knew who he was, but i didnt want to say anything. Its weird cause we watched that movie on p day last week. so i knew him right away and we shook hands and we got introduced and all that and he told me what he was doing. so ya Mormon star in sochi haha. funny. He is a cool guy

anyways this week nothing much happened. We had family night on tuesday and i almost destroyed a dude. He is notorious for ruining lessons. He is  a 25 yr old with a "so called desire" to research all gospels. Anyways he showed up to family night and ruined my lesson and ruined a potential investigator witin 30 minutes. He inturrupted the lesson and started telling me i was lying about my own religion so he started to go off telling everyone about the church and about what we believe. He was about 80% correct but 20% was just wack! But thats how the devil works. He will tell almost the whole truth but at the end when he has you believing him he will just tell a little white lie that no one catches and through small and simple means does he carefully guide the children of men down to hell. ya so that was going through my mind the whole time while he was talking and as soon as that came through my mind i inturrupted told him not to inturrupt and i told everyone if they want to know about church teachings and doctrines to ask the people with nametags. He gave me a dirty look and i gave him the "say one more thing and ill kick your trash" i was so mad. But ya that ruined the lesson and then we tried to salvage the night but it wasnt very good. so we ended up just giving up and leaving. night ruined. :S poop. anyways that was the frustrating thing for the week..

But the rest of the week was alright. Nothing bad to report. We woke up this morning with more white snow on the ground. it snowed another inch :) ilove snow. haha. anyways. i best be going. We are having fun. My companion is a stud and we tell scary motorcycle stories to each other haha. we have fun. anyways sorry but no pics this week :) im out. i love you all 

Dont die.

love me

Elder Big D Wright

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