Monday, April 16, 2012

Transfers! And trains yet again Haha

Well what up my awesome sick dope family. And of course friends ;) anyways this week was dope! we had some good lessons and we kicked butt and took some names. This week was pretty cool, well first off ill tell you i have finally been transferred to Rostov in the area (Selmash) It will most likely be my last area where i serve. nope that doesn't make me trunky at all :S. But yes it kinda does. The transfer will be taking place this Wednesday , so ill be leaving Sochi tomorrow! But the bad news is i have to ride more dang stupid gross nasty trains. buhkajdlfjalksdj. But its ok.
We also have some amazing news :) Anna is going to be baptized the 13th of may. aaahhhhhh yeahh! Of course i wont be here, just my luck eh? This has happened to me twice on my mission now! My comp and i set a b date and i get transfered to another city far far away haha. lame sauce that's what that is! But I am way happy for Anna and she is the bomb. Her husband has been trying to straighten up so he can baptize her, he is a cool guy and i hope he gets ready in time :) He actually will probably be coming to utah in August to September so you guys actually might get to meet him. sick huh? ya he is dope. Anyways other than that we watched conference yesterday and Saturday. Anna came to both sessions and she said they were interesting and the talks sounded familiar. so thats a good thing haha. But she is cool and she will be a strong member in this branch.
Well since i have been packing my bags getting ready to get out of here i have been buying a couple cool souvenirs as in olympic trading pins haha way cool. And today my comp and i need to go chill on the beach before our train leaves tomorrow morning. oh oh oh saturday night we had a sick dinner on the beach. there is a bbq guy down on the beach that has some really good stuff and the chairs were right on the beach overlooking the sunset. it was probably the most epic thing i have done in sochi. And tonight we are planning on doing that again because it was so goooood :) haha it sucks that i just barely figured this out 3 days before i leave haha. but isnt that how it always is. lame oh well but this week has been pretty good. I said goodbye to the branch yesterday and i was sad. I have been here for 6 months and they are like my family already. :( im still kinda sad about it but im glad to get transferred so i can get a new area and a new view. In Selmash i will be serving with elder Weidermier. he is about 6'9" and he makes me feel really really small. Just like dax does haha. But he probably weighs in at 165 haha he is soooo skinny. but he is a funny kid and i hope things go well with him. but anyways today ill be emailing president about my release date l;ajsdlkfajlkasjdlkajsdlkfjalskfj. thats coming up quick. the Ap's called and told me to email president cause they are starting to plan transferrs again and they need my realease date. so ya. Dont make me trunky or ill punch you all in the face. :) haha anyways i love you all and i better go before i say something stupid. PEACE
p.s enjoy the pics.
-- Elder Big D Wright

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