Monday, April 23, 2012


Well shoot the time has come to tell you my release date! so here it goes.......... im still not sure haha. got ya. anyways i emailed president N about the whole deal and he is not going to be here when i leave so he forwarded my email to the new president. And he says I could go home the 28th of August, but im not sure if thats what is going to happen. I might stick it out a bit longer and go home a month later. but we will see i still need to figure it out myself. Ill let you know as soon as i know. But ya.

well my new area is LAME! But its alright. the branch is amazing so that makes up for the whole thing. But i think ill like it but there is one problem, im in rostov this summer and its already 80 degrees and the only thing we have is a fan....... ya....... pretty bad sit. but maybe if i butter up sister nechiporova and i f i get lucky i can get another fan haha. oh my gosh mission life in rural Russia is crazy. so im pretty much going to die from heat here in Rostov. so don't be mad at me if i come home looking like a skeleton because i will sweat off every single pound i have. Anyways about the area and about the area. There is currently a pool of 3 investigators which pretty much none of them will be going far soon. there is one named john who is from africa. yes i have a black investigator finally!!!! ahhh yeah. black people are so cool. anyways he has a b date for may but its not going to happen cause he needs some documentation. he came to russia durring the U.s.s.r. period and when the whole government was changed over to the existing one his papers became invalid and the government doesnt care about it so he is just stuck here. so he has been trying to get more documentation so he can leave back home. so he said the passport and documents will be here within the month so im crossing my fingers everyting will work out.
Anyways we ahve some other investigators that i have not met but hopefully soon we will meet then i can tell you about them. But ya not going to lie i dont have much to tell you about this area cause i just barely got here. anyways this computer wont let me send pics to you so ill try and send some from the mission office computers. Anywayys i love you all. please dont die.

love me.
Elder Big D Wright

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