Monday, April 2, 2012

Sick week‏

Well this week was pretty bomb. This week we had some good weather and also some bad weather but mostly good :) we had some fun also. The youth in our branch took my comp and I up to some sweet waterfalls not too far from sochi and i guess its where everyone goes swimming in the summer. It was way cool and i wish i could go swimmin there right now!!!!! But its still pretty cold and it actually snowed again down here in sochi. funny eh? ya it is. But this week was funWe met a new kid named David. He has met missionaries before and has heard some of the gospel, i dont think he is looking for something new just now but he is a way cool kid that just likes being good. so we have been going on walks with him around sochi just talking about life school stuff like that and occasionally a gospel topic. so that was cool and he actually doesnt speak too bad of english so elder Roberts gets his say in on everything too, so thats awesome. But other than that we recieved a refferal from a non active member, and he his wife asked to start taking lessons. haha when she asked to have lessons i kinda sat there for a second like " uhh...... what just happened? " haha i didnt really know what to say for a sec but of course we set up a meeting for tonight and she has a great question which is going to fit in perfectly to our lesson. her question is "why do i need to be baptized again if i was already baptized as a baby? so we are going to drop the gospel bomb ok its more like a gospel pillow bomb haha :) on her and it should be a great lesson. And we plan on inviting her to be baptized today so i pray that everything is going to work out like it should.
But this week the work here in sochi is picking up. its probably just cause its spring time and everyone is happy and out of the house haha. But transfers are coming up in a couple weeks so if anytyhing does start happening ill probably miss it haha. bummer eh? ya oh well its time to pack the bags and get to another area. seriously i have been her fore 6 months. haha i like the place but its time to move on. hahah here in a month ill wish i was back in sochi though, oh well :) anyways i have had a good time in this area, its been my hardest area but the best too i guess.
Ya so i heard that conference was the bomb. i am downloading the first session as we speak so that we can listen to it on our dvd players. im excited for it. but we should be getting the hard copies here in like 3-4 weeks. so that sucks so im downloading them right now. :) haha hey i forgot when Dax's wedding is. Will someone tell me cause i have to send him hate mail for leaving a brother hangin single. Anyways i better go. i love all of you and i hope that everything is going smoothly for everyone.
well i hope you like the pictures.
have a good week
and dont die. thats pretty important i think :)
love you guys
Elder Big D Wright
                                                             Letter from Elder Seitz to me about Dallin :)

Howdy! Hey sorry for this botch e-mail but there was one thing that I wanted to say that I think you and you're family will appreciate. So there's this visa sister here in Riga who's from Estonia but she serves in Rostov and she said some very nice things about Dallin. She doesn't know him personally because she's never served in the same city as him but she knows TONS about him. She just told me how everybody absolutely LOVES him, especially the members. She called him the "star" of the mission. He's the man. Yup, Dallin is a good boy.


Elder Seitz


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