Sunday, June 12, 2011

Well shoot its the 13th of june! wow holy smokes.

well dang! This week flew by it seems like yesterday i was just writing you and talking to you about the week before. oh well, anyways howdy do and a bottle of rum. So this week was alot better! We had splits with Elder Nancollas and we did some damage together haha like always. we kicked butt. And elder tropnikov succesfuly ate ate three members houses without getting sick or getting...... ya you know hwat i was going to say haha. so ya and this week we did service for a old dude in our branch that doesnt come to church cause his mom is almost dead and he takes care of her. His name is victor and i sent you a pic with me and him last week. wow i sound like a hick. Anyways i was up about thirty feet painting steel pipe that holds up his grape vines. holy smokes he has alot of grapes. well soon to be grapes haha. but ya we didnt finish so were going again this week. Oh and the highlight of the week was we finally recieved the general conference liahonas!! haha its so good. And im pretty sure our prophet is a stud. Well this week we rocked it with member lessons. and we met with a bunch of less active members too. MY favorite less active so far is the tamazyan family. they are Armenian. They are the bomb and they fed us tacos. And it was way good. we had fun talking to them, and they remind me of our family cause of how tight they are together. They all just laugh and tell funny stories. i love it. it made me miss all of you uglies. haha. ya but they have been having trouble with the branch president i guess. they dont get along at all. So ya its tough. THis branch president seems to offend alot of members. Terd. ya anyways. oh ya so two days ago i ate another weird food. In Russian its сала. Which is salted frozen pig fat! it looked so nasty but alas since im the american everyone seems to find it funny to make me eat the funny stuff. but it was actually pretty dang good. weird huh. my companion says people eat it like we eat penut buttter. nasy huh?! ya i thought so but i only had one piece and it was alright hahah. funny. ya so today we are going to presidents house for a p day activity cause some of the elders are going home this transfer. it makes me sad cause they are some of my best buds. they are crazy haha. yup so other than that everything is getting better. the members are warming up. the sun has cooled down :) it has been over cast all week!!!! ah yeah. my dream. and the people on the street ....... well they are them and they dont like me hahaha. crazy Russians. yup but oh well. So it was good to here from you. have a good week. Tell Todd and his fam hi for me!!!
From Russia with love . bhahahah
Elder Big D

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