Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What up homie g's!

Well first of all sorry for not emailing yesterday!! my visa expired so i had to bounce and get my missionary butt to ukraine. haha it was sooooo laaaame! Except for one thing i met a girl on the bus. Her name is ludmilla and she is a stone cold fox. She is 70 yrs oldhahhahahahha  and she taught me how to make fruit juice called compot. and its way good. hahaha. I got a picture with her but i pulled a tard and left my other memory card at the apartment. oops oh well. Ya but we talked for like five hours. it was really cool. And it made me realize how much my Russian is improving. pretty sick . Ya but Transfers happend and Elder Nancollas was just made Assistant to the president. Pretty cool huh. he is a stud. But Elder Hodson and i are kickin it in Severny. He is awesome! except he is from colorado so we have colorado utah battles all the time haha. jk. But ya he is the bomb. So im glad to hear that the wedding went well and that its all over finally haha. you should send me some pics of the yard. I bet it was amazing. It would have been better if i would have been there to do it though :) jk.   Ya so anyways this past week was pretty cool. Sunday was a drag. It went by so slow! THe members here dont know how to give a talk. they just go grab the liahona and read a talk out of it. And it makes for a really really long sacrament meeting. but oh well. oh ya!! i have the saddest slash grosest story to tell you! We were at a members house this last saturday. and we had a good lesson with her and her family and then after she said here i have a present for you. and she comes back from the other room with a cake! A choclolate cherry cake. oh ya.! i was way stoked for it. She said that they were going to eat it but then no one wanted it so it has just been sitting in the fridge for four days. so she gave it to us! so ya SCORE!!!!!!!!!!! hahah but then we took it home did some planning and totally popped the sucker open and started eating!!! It was sooooo goood.......... well we thought it was............... then my companion said " OH MY GOSH" And i looked down and it the middle of the cake was a big pocket of MOLD!!!!!!!!! And we had already eaten like a wh ole piece!!! So nasty!!!! And i looked down at mine and mine had mold on it too!!!!!!!! so gross! So ya our missionary moral went from a 10 1/2 to a negative 25. it was dumb so we ended up throwing the cake away and ya it was sad. Very very sad day. haha. But ya other than that we have been working with less actives as you know. and one of our non actives had us over for service again. and we finished painting and after we finished he said guys come over here! so we followed him and he showed us his seceret raspberry garden!!! and he said eat up! so ya i jumped all over that!!! IT was AMAZING. So i pretty much decided that i will have a raspberry garden when i am old and fat. haha. People on the street have been pretty rough.  not too many people have been talking to us. So the work is going slow for now. Hopefully it will pick up soon though.  Even though the work sucks and the people are meaner than snot! I actually enjoy being out here. It really it way cool. I just got to keep pushing through!
Well shoot i am gonna get off but everyone that somewhat likes me should send me a couple pics through emails so i can print them off and put them in my picture book. I show all the members and all of the investigators the pictures. They love seeing pictures and they always show theirs too. so ya send me some pictures of you lovely people doing crazy fun stuff. :)
well i love all of you! have fun
drive fast and take chances.
P.S. stay off the road for a couple weeks cause Rachel is 16 bhahahhahah.
LOVE Elder Big D

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