Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Sam!!! What a goof! well its his birthday tomorrow hahhaa. love you bro.
well shoot another week come and gone. And im still in Russia. hahah. nothing too exciting to tell you just the same old stuff. but something cool did happen . It was way hot it was around 90 degrees and we were on the street trying to contact people and i started to pray for some clouds . and guess what. five minutes later couds came  and it sprinkled a bit. hahha. it was tight! so the lord takes care of his missionaries. hahah. i was pretty stoked. so ya other than that we have zone conf again it seems like it was just last week we had the last one. weird. oh well so what else should i tell you. well im feeling better. i didnt feel to hot this morning. but hopefully this crap will go away by this afternoon. oh i do have another way funny thing to tell you. its about my 6 year old girlfriend in my branch haha. well yesterday during primary i guess they were talking about things that they were thankful for and she told her mom that she was thankful for me cause when she gets old enough she is going to marry me. hahaha and then she wrote on the black board a picture of her sleeping. and me in her dreams. ahhaha and she put the heading on it " good dreams about wright" bahahah i about died especially when her mom came and told me to come look. im just glad that her parents think its funny. hahhaa. so ya that was funny and she draws me pictures every sunday. she is a cute little stink. makes me miss ella. so ya that was pretty much the funny stuff.
Rostov is still alive and kicking. im right along with it. hopefully this week picks up. we did meet with a couple dudes from off the street and we have had seperate meetings again with both of them. one of them is a fisherman. he is tight his name is sergey. and he said he is taking us fishing one of these days haha. he is pretty tight. he said that he will read the bom and that he will meet with us regularly but he isnt promising anything. but hey all we need is a little hole in the fence to get in . so ya hopefully that goes well. we need to get investigators. we are sitting at a whole wopin 0. and it sucks . so ya were working hard trying to find some more people. but all in all this week was a good week.
so thanks for all the emails everyone!!! i love reading them every week. they keep me sane hahah. everyone go boating for me. and tell sam to start pumping iron so he can tell more muscle jokes hahah. what a goof ball. i think we should write a sam one liner book. hahah. so funny. tell everyone hi for me.
Robin dont die in college. and dont kill your roomates cause they eat cereal weird haha. love you
anyways everyone have fun and dont die.
give dax a huge hug from me.
love you alll
love elder big D

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