Monday, June 20, 2011

What is up to the free world!!!

Well shoot! Another transfer has come and gone!!! And guess where im going!!??? ...........................................drum roll please!........................................................................................ im going no where hahahah. im staying in severny once again hahah. i dont mind cause the branch here is the bomb. the members are off the hook!. so fun. ahaha. so ya im staying here. Elder Tropnikov is leaving. thank my lucky stars. And Elder Hodson is coming!!! He is the bomb!! so funny and he is a way good missionary so im way stoaked on this next transfer.!!! aahhhh yeah. So anyways THanks DAD! I got your package last week!! And thanks Robin for the Grad announcment. I also recieved it last week. hahah all the elders say they are going to marry you now hahah. i had to threaten half of them to give the picture back or else i would have a Vernal smack down on them. haha it was pretty funny. so ya. So last week was really good. we got transfer calls, we met with a bunch of cool members and i set my new record for other lessons in a week at 9. whooo hoo. haha in Reality that is way lame. But for here in our mission its pretty sweet cause two weeks ago we had 4. pretty lame. haha. we had one baptism this last transfer. that sets the yearly baptisms so far at..........4. yup. haha. But were working on it!!! But this week was good i had alot of fun. especially when i spilled cooking oil all over my suit pants. dont worry mom i took them to the dry cleaners. haha. Oh ya funny story so  on the street yesterday we ran into like 3 drunk dudes and my favorite on was the first dude.  well here is the story. so i was talking to him about the gospel and he stopped us from talking and he got really close to elder tropnikov and he said "your a lier!" and my comp said "why?" then the drunk dude said " you have green eyes. Your lying cause you have green eyes." then he looked at me and he looked in my eyes and grabbed my head and gave me the weirdest hug ever. he put my head on his chest and said. "you speak the truth because you have blue eyes!!!!!!!" bahahhahahhahahha i about lost it right then and there. oh my gosh it was so freaking funny!!! wow it was great. my comp was way mad but i loved it and all day i kept reminding elder tropnikov that he should leave the prosilyting to me hahah. so funny but ya it was great. And all the other drunk guys are just drunk guys. they all like us one second the next they want to fight. retards. oh well..
So other than that the week was good. No new investigators. We got some numbers, so hopefully those turn out well. Hopefully. Sorry for the letter and its so short but alas time is running out and i must depart hence forth into the world of Russia. yup yup anyways thanks everyone for the letters i love reading them!!!!!!!!!!! i love all of you.
Drive fast and take chances
love me. Elder BIg D

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