Thursday, June 2, 2011


Happy late birthday to the hindu!!!!! LOVE YOU MAN
well shoot how are you guys! Im not to bad. Im glad that robin actually gradutated. now she can say. Howdyy yall me Robin and ima uinter high graduuate. bahahha. im glad she got through high school without killing anyone. haha. So shoot this week was crazy and oops ya i did send you the wrong pics. my bad. ill fix that next week. sorry. but ya this week was alright. i got a sun burn. and the temp has been pretty stinking hot. just like the next 4 months are going to be..HOT! But this week was pretty slow. we called alot of people and no one could meet with us. but we did meet a couple dude on the street and we got one to come to church and the others we got phone numbers and they said we could meet with them. hopefully we do cause when we are not teaching time moves so stinkin sloooooow!!!! not cool. But ya thats how it is in the hardest mission in Russia. I have been talking to the office elders and they said statistically this is the hardest mission in russia. i dont know about the world but here in russia it is. pretty stinking hard. but i got the jingelies and i feel a elder wright baptisim coming on. hahha ill keep my fingers crossed. But this week was alright. tuesday i was sick. my stomach was killing me so sister nicheprov has been stuffing me full of drugs. enough to make me feel like a drug addict. But now im feeling better and i have been stuck to a strict chicken and rice diet without any flavourings. ya it sucks. so ya so its beenrough but im feeling better at least. so it sounds like everyone is having fun and no one is dead. thats a very good thing . oh ya funny story so there is this little girl in our branch and she is six years old and she is pretty much in love with me. hahah i walked into a teaching room in the church and she drew me and her getting married on the chalk board hahaha. i laughed so hard. until her dad saw it. but then he laughed so it was pretty funny. then yesterday i taught primary about the priesthood. it went fine. not to bad. i felt alot better about my russian when i was talking to the 4 and 6 year olds hahhaha. it was great. but after my little lesson sasha the six yr old girl told me that she wants me to baptise her. i told her i wouldnt be here anymore and i would be in utah. and she said " so you have to come back and do it anyways." ahahha it was hilarious. so funny. But ya then one of our potentioal investigators came to the end of church then we had a lesson with him about the restoration. it was alright. he was in a hurry to meet someone. so hopefully next week is better. But all in all this week was fine. time is flying by and im having fun when im not getting sun burnt. hahah. weeeelll i love you all. have fun. take chances. live life.
love elder Big D

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