Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hey guys!

well shoot sorry it took me so long to write you back but i found some time to write. hahah well shoot.!
This week has been great. Well its been really hard cause i got a new calling. Ill be serving the president in his office as his financial secretary. Crazy huh! seriously. i never ever ever ever thought i would be doing that. but thats ok with me cause it gets me out of the hot sun :) haha. but president was pretty excited to tell me. we usually dont get transfer calls till the friday begore transfers and he couldnt wait so he called me on the tuesday before haha. so funny huh. But ya it was great. But today we had the funnest p day ever! president invited us all over to have a water fight!!! tight huh!!! so i made a huge bucket and colored it with my sharpies red and it had a huge skull and cross bones with fire all around it. it was awesome cause everyone else just brought water bottles with a hole poked in the top and here came elder wright with a huge bucket of water haha it was great. so i singled out the sisters. i told them there was no mercy where i come from. haha. it was fun and i got singled out of course and i ended up the most wet. haha but we had a great time and it felt so good!!! i havent been drenched like that since the last time we went to the lake. so it was a good feeling. especially since it has been so hot. definately the high-light of the week.\
alright well sergey is a champ. he didnt make it to church this week cause he was on vacation. :( but thats alright. he has made it twice and he needs to come three times to be baptised. but the sucky thing of the deal is that i am being transfered!!! poooooop!!!!!! seriously but my are from severny is only 40 minutes away. and he works in my area so i will still probably teach him. cool huh. so we will see how it works out. im really woried about it though cause sister missionaries are moving into our area and as we all know sisters are blisters and they kinda air heads. so im really really really worried about it cause i love this area and im sad to leave. but it will be all good.
but today i got stuck doing money reports for president. wow that was a headache cause he is missing ten thousand rubles somewhere. its like 28 rubles to a dollar so its around 300 bucks. so ya now i have to find it . greatt!!!!!!!! haha but they need me in there cause the financial seceretary is a dork and he needs a butt kicking. so i am needed in the office. i had to clean up his junk all day. that was a project. so i have alot on my hands to do.
but the hardest day this week was sunday. it was very emotional cause i had to say goodbye to all my new friends. i got some pictures with them and i will have to show you guys. but ya it was hard and they asked me to bear my testimony and my comp told me to cry so we could see the whole branch cry. but,....... alas im made of steal and i did not cry. even though i felt all mushy and gooshy inside. gee i have been here for 4 months. so it was hard to say goodbye. but we did have some member meetings to say goodbye to. and i gave one of my favorite ties to a decon in our branch. the only one we have. and so i traded him ties. so now he will always remember the sexy missionary who gave him a sick blue paisly tie! and hopefully he remembers my name to. but he needed the tie more than i do. so ya he is a stud. ill send you the pictures.
shoot my family and friends. I love you all. be safe..... well kinda cause if your too safe your boring and everyone makes fun of you. jk hahah.
just as always     ...........drive fast and take chances................
love elder wright.!!!!
p.s mom i got your dear elder package!!1 thanks!!! LOVE YOU>
love big D

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