Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hey what up so ya my P day got all changed up cause im an office elder  and i work regular office hours. So i have saturdays off. Dope huh. well i think its pretty sick. So anyways im glad to have a change of scenery even though i really did like severny. by the way severny in russian just means ( north ) so i was serving in north rostov branch. so ya that was a blast. you can actually find all the branch buildings here in my mission if you go to and go to quick links and look up meeting house locator and just type in rostov na donu russia and it will pull up the city and it will highlight the buildings. pretty cool huh :) haha. so you can kinda see what its like if you want.
Ya but this week i have been doing nothing but reports on the computer. and it is not too much fun. wow . i have been dealing with presidents debit cards. And figuring out where the money has gone. We use his card for everything from giving money to branches to buying elders and sisters train tickets, and repairs , bills and all that good stuff. so i have been tracking all of it. haha. crazy crazy. but i think i about got it licked . Hopefully. and after my monthly reports are finished ill be able to relax a bit and my job will be easy. the other stuff is do reimbursements to elders cards, and do some basic accounting stuff for our office. not too bad. thank goodness i took accounting in high school.haha i thought i would never say that hhaha. wow.
ya but also this week we inherited a investigator Irina. she is a sweet lady and she has had a baptismal date before but she is cought up on some stuff. and we took her to a baptism yesterday. (which ill talk ab out in a sec) but she enjoyed it and she said she would come to family night monday. we will call her and ask her to come to church tonight. so ya she is cool. but sergey met with the sisters and they say that he is weird and they wont meet with him. so that ticked me off cause the sisters will only teach ladies. SISTERS ARE BLISTERS!!! Gosh dang they are so .......... well you know what i want to say. so im going to try ad have sergey meet with us in center rostov. that will be better.
but the baptism was an almost wreck!!! wowit was a baptism for the elders in novercherkask. its outside the city about an hour. but they called me and asked me to fill up the font. so did. And it takes about 3 hrs to fill. so i went back to the office. then at lunch time elder anderson who is oon splits with us right now cause his companion is in helsinki getting his visa. got sick. so the aps werestuck with him at home. then the aps asked if we could stay with him for a while so they could visit a member and do service. so they left but i told them to check the water before. so they called me 15 min later and told me that the water was dark GREEN!! weird huh! it was nasty so they drained it and started it again. but i told them to come take elder anderson cause we had investigators coming to the baptism so they said they would come back 30 min early. so ya after their service they didnt come back and the baptism started at 6 and it was 5 45. so we took elder anderson with us sick or not and got to the baptism 15 min late. grrrr. then when i got there president nechiperov was way mad cause the baptismal viewing door was locked and the aps had my keys. then to add to the frustration the water boiler broke and started flooding the boiler room. so it was a complete mess!!!!!! but i called the aps and they ran over and game my keys back. those terds. i was so mad at them. but then i opened the font and everything was fine. and the boiler got stopped. and the water was somewhat normal colored so the baptism happened. but then after president got mad at me and my comp for not planning out the baptism better. which frustrated me cause it wasnt my baptism. i was just supposed to turn the water on for the novercerkask elders. so i was ticked but i took the butt whipping and didnt say a word. wow i was mad. but oh well. everything turned out alright. but now thinking about it i realize that satin was just working on everyone way hard trying to stop the baptism. but i guess satin is dumb and we did it anyways. HA~!  hahah anyways everything turned out alright. thats all that matters.
so there you go. my very very very crazy week. wow haha wa way crazy.
but i attached some pics .
 one is of sergey. he is the dude with the brown hair.
the bald dude is our branch 1st counselor
and the family is my fav fam in our branch. i switched ties with their son. cause he needed a new tie. so i am wearing his and i have no idea why but his mom has it .hhaha oh well. buthey  im out of here so have a good one!!1 peace!!
love me elder wright.

the pimp dizzle

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